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Client Successes: Life Sciences

Client Base

Client Type: Leading global pharmaceutical company

Service Provided: Commercial potential determination

Client Need:

To determine where to direct an early stage drug for development within its dependency product portfolio. Several indications were possible; including one that is not currently commercially recognized. Client wished to determine the potential to commercially develop this indication.

Kline Solution:

line's business management consulting team leveraged its expertise in both consumer products and healthcare for this project, which involved qualitative research with consumers and physicians. We also conducted business research on non-pharma therapies and resources for this condition, as well as in-depth interviews with regulatory resources and thought leaders.

Our management consulting associates developed alternate scenarios for market development. Client was able to select most appropriate indication for the product’s development track.


Client Type: Leading OTC marketer

Service Provided: Competitive intelligence; strategy support

Client Need:

Our client was concerned about inroads being made by private-label competition and wanted to understand potential threat to one of its core equities.

Kline Solution:

Kline's management consulting team was able to evaluate regulatory filings and related legal filings, through a combination of extensive secondary research and personal interviews, Our primary research also helped the team to understand forthcoming plans at the retail level, and to gain insights on strategic intent. Client was able to use finding to help better defend and protect its brand franchise.


Client Type: Midsized pharmaceutical company

Service Provided: Model driven financial analysis

Client Need:

To evaluate potential Rx-to-OTC switch for this GI product to determine the attractiveness and financial impact, including sales forecasts and potential marketing partners.

Kline Solution:

Our management consulting team developed forecasts using its proprietary Rx-to-OTC switch forecast model, resulting in several different scenarios based on timing, competitive response, pricing strategy, and other factors. We helped the client understand trade support requirements to allow it to negotiate more effectively with potential marketing partners. Client is currently pursuing the switch.


Client Type: Leading diabetes care company

Service Provided: Brand equity extension

Client Need:

To evaluate the potential to extend this well-known diabetes care equity to the OTC arena in order to determine whether it should consider building this business.

Kline Solution:

Kline's management consulting team leveraged its extensive expertise and knowledge of the OTC market combined with research with consumers and retailers to help evaluate potential response and interest to a proposed OTC range.

Kline's business consultants developed various entry options and related financial models. Client opted not to aggressively develop the business due the large investment that would be required to generate the small sales potential that was projected. The analysis was used to answer senior management’s question on whether it should pursue this investment, versus other strategic options.