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Agribusiness Chemicals Consumer Energy Healthcare Materials
Industrial Vegetation Management

Pest Control

Specialty Crops

Specialty Pesticides

Turf & Ornamental

Commodity, Specialty & Fine Chemicals


Plastics & Polymers

Commercial/Institutional Cleaning Products

Food & Nutrition

Household Products

Personal Care
Alternative Energy


Natural Gas



Power Generation
Medical Devices

Medical Nutrition

Nonprescription Drugs

Rx-to-OTC Switch

Vitamins/Nutritional Supplements
Construction Materials

Minerals & Inorganics

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Kline Custom Research has a high level of expertise in the each of our industry practices. Our key team members typically have 10-30 years of industry experience, and we operate worldwide in each of the industries we serve.

We also can leverage a vast array of syndicated research in each of our industry practices from Kline Market Research, our syndicated research division, for our custom research assignments.
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