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Achieving Growth in Increasingly Challenging Markets

Delivering growth in challenging markets is a top priority and biggest concern for every company in the world. To grow quickly, profitably, and in a sustainable way is even more difficult. External and internal barriers have to be overcome to achieve credible and executable growth strategies. Saturated markets, pricing pressures, and increasing competition are just a few of the external barriers. Internally, politics, conflicting priorities, and inertia are often the hurdles preventing management from taking action.

Companies challenged to grow must deal with a matrix of issues:

  • Potential to grow the current business: organically, acquisitions, JVs
  • Beating and growing faster than competition
  • Determining if adjacencies will help propel growth
  • Growth strategies for short-, mid-, and long-term horizons 
  • Analyzing the business model to see if it is right for driving growth


Capabilities Designed to Help Deliver Rapid, Sustainable, and Profitable Growth

Kline’s deep industry expertise, analytical capabilities, and collaborative approach have proven to be successful in helping clients achieve growth around the world. We’re uniquely positioned to add value. Large enough to have the required strategy and research capabilities and geographical footprint, and small enough for our senior people to be fully engaged with your team to ensure buy-in and execution.

Kline’s growth strategy process is built around integrated competency platforms:

Deep industry expertise – Kline experts have deep, specific understanding of global industries, market dynamics, customer needs, and technologies. This allows us to add immediate value and ensure our recommendations are meaningful and actionable.
Analytical capabilities – With knowledge of value drivers, Kline analyzes opportunities on a cost/value curve to determine gaps that can be exploited. Winning propositions and supporting strategies are developed that have a significant impact on the top and bottom lines.
Collaborative approach – Kline’s size, demographics, and culture allow us to collaborate with clients to develop and evaluate both conventional and alternate strategic options. We build teams to rapidly find clear growth pathways, giving you the best chance to execute and win.

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