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Successful Manufacturing Competitiveness Strategies to Help You Win

Improving margins and profitability is the goal of nearly every business, particularly in challenging economic times. Manufacturing and supply chain are key areas for managing costs, increasing productivity, and improving profitability. Most companies lack the knowledge and expertise to analyze these areas effectively and deliver executable strategies.

If your company is underperforming and losing margin, Kline’s Manufacturing Competitiveness consulting service can provide solutions to deliver results and help you win.

Kline has a proven methodology to benchmark your performance against competitors’ manufacturing and supply chain cost positions. We then develop programs to enhance your competitiveness with processes proven to be successful in helping clients deliver significant contribution to the bottom line.


Client Success

Supply Chain Strategy Development
Our client needed to obtain depth understanding of competitive strategy, business practices, and financial performance to allow it to effectively address its business strategy.
Channel Strategy Review and Refinement
With much of the home improvement market moving to big box retailers (Home Depot; Lowes), client needed to assess if and how it should participate in this channel for its core product line.

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