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Developing and Executing Successful Market Entry Strategies to Help You Win

Expanding into a new market to generate growth is one of the most challenging undertakings for a company. Conflicting priorities, internal politics, inertia and lack of knowledge often prevent corporate and business management from developing credible market entry strategies that are in the best interests of the company and its shareholders. 

When your company needs to deliver top-line growth by entering new markets or business adjacencies, Kline’s Market Entry consulting service can help you.

We deliver effective, unbiased, and executable strategies. Kline’s processes build consensus around actionable success pathways that draw on our global industry expertise. Ours is a proven three-phase modular process which addresses where to focus, how to enter, and what it takes to win.


Client Success

Assistance in Developing and Executing Successful Market Entry Strategies
Our client, a supplier of one type of basestock, wanted to explore entry into another portion of the petroleum basestock business
Help Gain Rapid, Sustainable and Profitable Growth
Our client developed a technology to enable it to produce basestocks that could be used to formulate high performance lubricants but needed to better understand the markets and the most attractive opportunities.

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