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Kline Helps Companies Succeed in the Intensely Competitive Pharmaceuticals Industry

Kline has deep expertise in the pharmaceutical industry with extensive knowledge of the challenges and opportunities for a diverse range of manufacturers and suppliers in OTC and prescription drugs and biotech.

The pharmaceuticals industry is intensely competitive facing the challenges of declining R&D productivity, difficulty in developing blockbusters, price pressures, rise of generics, and a dynamic and increasingly tough regulatory environment. Rapidly changing technology is driving new ways of diagnosing and treating diseases in tandem with the evolving role of digital media in educating and informing consumers.

We leverage our global organization to help clients understand industry challenges and how they can evolve their business models to take advantage of opportunities. Our ability to uncover opportunities and develop effective strategies for clients is rooted in our deep industry knowledge coupled with leading-edge expertise in manufacturing and supply chain analysis, market and competitive intelligence, and technology/R&D assessment.

Whether the challenge is performance improvement or growth, Kline has the underlying pharmaceuticals industry knowledge and proven processes to help our clients uncover opportunities, gain competitive advantage and succeed.


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