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Management Consulting: Pricing & Margin Management Overview

Successful Pricing and Margin Management to Help You Win

Companies that market multiple products or through multiple channels often lose margin because of pricing complexities. In many cases, they do not know where profit is lost because they lack the knowledge and expertise in price/margin management. Companies that do have programs in place are usually ineffective at understanding the causes of loss and cannot provide solutions for improvement.

If your company is losing margin because of pricing complexities, Kline’s Pricing and Margin Management consulting service can help restore lost profitability and help you win.

To help restore profits, Kline develops and helps execute pricing and margin improvement strategies using our deep understanding of asset-intensive industries and proprietary tools and methods. Our experience tell us that a client should expect an increased operating margin of 5% to 10% as a result of our service.


Client Success

Established Regional Pricing Survey Groups as the Foundation for a Client’s Improved Pricing Strategy
Our client needed an improved, fact-based, pricing strategy. Its pricing team shared a short-term target to improve results and needed a clearer view of the field execution of the pricing strategy.
Identify Areas for Dramatic Earnings by Using Pricing Deep-dive Analysis
Our client has a change in its business both in the asset and the organizational structure of its business. After several down years, it was clear that a new plan was necessary.

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