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Managing Pricing to Improve Profitability

A typical company sells hundreds of products through numerous channels. This creates pricing complexities that are the source of lost margin at various points of the sales cycle. Protecting and improving margin is particularly crucial in challenging economic times. With ever-increasing pressure to improve the bottom line, companies must understand where profit is being lost in pricing, how to fix the problems, and execute effective programs to improve margins on a sustainable basis.


Capabilities Designed to Improve Margin on a Sustainable Basis

Kline is uniquely qualified to work with you to develop and execute pricing and margin improvement strategies. We have deep and broad industry expertise across the globe. Our analytical expertise is rooted in proprietary tools and methods, including value-based segmentation and profitability/revenue benchmarking. Our approach is collaborative, and we’ve successfully helped clients increase operating margins by 5% to 10%.

Partnering with Kline offers several unique advantages:

Deep and broad industry expertise
Vast experience and knowledge of chemicals and energy, industrial goods, pharma and healthcare, consumer products, retail, and other industries.
Proven robust methodology
We use a robust methodology that has been proven over multiple assignments. For CVA (customer value-added) and VBS (value-based segmentation), our analysis has been refined to become extremely efficient in determining attributes to focus on and output that is meaningful.
Cost effectiveness
Total project cost of ownership is low. Time commitment from your staff is minimal. Kline team members are expertise-based, minimizing use of resources and time of the engagement.
Support of a market research division
Kline research is well known and respected across many industries, which gives us the advantage to collect good data, with companies willing to provide input for our models.
Capital raising
Kline’s position as the recognized authority and leading consultancy in its core industries allows us to collaborate in the development of candidate-specific prospectuses and investment memorandums. Kline’s citation as a source affirms the credibility of the document and the veracity of what it contains.

Our Experts

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Client Success

Established Regional Pricing Survey Groups as the Foundation for a Client’s Improved Pricing Strategy
Identify Areas for Dramatic Earnings by Using Pricing Deep-dive Analysis

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