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Consulting Business Issues

Our management consulting services

are designed to achieve robust results within tight timeframes. Our knowledge and experience help minimize the learning curve at the front end of engagements. To ensure minimal disruption to our client's business commitments, we carefully balance the interface between ourselves and our clients, and utilize proprietary collaborative tools that accelerate the workflow.
Business Growth
We can help you gain rapid, sustainable, and profitable growth.
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Pricing & Margin Management
We help clients improve their net revenue, unit revenue and earnings.
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If  innovation is a challenge for your company, we need to talk.
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M&A Advisory
We are a leading global M&A advisor in our chosen areas of focus.
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Manufacturing Competitiveness
Kline has a proven methodology to benchmark your performance with competitors’.
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Market Entry
We help global companies develop and execute successful market entry strategies.
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Our Experts

Susan Babinsky   Susan Babinsky
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