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Jun. 14, 2018:  Commercial Usage, Female Riders, and Rural Markets Support Strong Growth for the MCO Market through 2022
May. 23, 2018:  Amalgam Trend Spotting by Kline - April's Top Five Digital Beauty Winners
May. 16, 2018:  Amalgam Trend Spotting by Kline - Sun Care Products by Professional Skin Care Brands Shine Bright
May. 2, 2018:  Amalgam Trend Spotting by Kline - Flower Power: How Rose-inspired Skin Care is Climbing the Charts
Apr. 26, 2018:  Amalgam Trend Spotting by Kline - Korean-inspired Makeup Among Amalgam's Best-selling Products
Apr. 24, 2018:  More Grain Storage Facilities Lead to a Stable 2% Growth for the Insect Control Market
Apr. 11, 2018:  Top Performing E-commerce Beauty Items Revealed by Amalgam, Kline's New Digital Tool
Mar. 26, 2018:  Multiple Scenarios of PCMO Demand through 2040 Unveiled in Kline's New Analysis
Mar. 14, 2018:  The U.S. Beauty Devices Market Rebounds, Spearheaded by the Acne Category Posting Over 40% Growth
Mar. 5, 2018:  Biopesticides Bite Off the Conventional Pesticides Market Share, Growing by 24%
Feb. 26, 2018:  The Complete Analysis of a Billion Dollar U.S. Pesticide Adjuvants Market Has Been Published by Kline
Feb. 13, 2018:  Where is the Lubricants Industry Headed? - New Kline Perspectives 2018 Report Identifies Key Trends


Dec. 13, 2017:  Changes in End-user Preferences will Help the Jan-san Cleaning Market Reach $5 Billion by 2022
Nov. 14, 2017:  Regulations, Innovative Formulations, and New Niches will Drive the Global Bio-lubricants Market
Oct. 4, 2017:  New Specifications are Driving Increased Activity within the Lubricant Additives Market
Aug. 30, 2017:  Digestive Immunity is a Hot Growth Category Propelling Sales of Probiotics
Aug. 2, 2017:  Kline's Index of Base Stock Production and Re-refining Cash Margins Indicates Market Turbulence Since 3rd Quarter 2016
Jul. 31, 2017:  The Fusion of Physical and Digital Worlds Reinvents Beauty Brick-and-mortar Retailing
Apr. 12, 2017:  Strengthening Regulations in Mature Markets and Robust Indian Economic Growth will Strongly Influence the Specialty Biocides Industry
Jan. 23, 2017:  The Consumer Automotive Segment is Expected to Drive the Chinese Finished Lubricants Market


Oct. 25, 2016:  Lucrative Opportunities Exist in the Nascent Lubricants for Wind Turbines Market
Oct. 25, 2016:  Global White Oils Market Undergoes a Variety of Changes through 2020
Oct. 5, 2016:  Pain Management Devices Market Grows Three Times Faster than Analgesics
Sep. 21, 2016:  Rivalry in China, the Second Largest Market for Synthetic Latex Polymers, will Continue to Intensify
Sep. 19, 2016:  Kline's Index of Base Stock Production and Re-refining Cash Margins Indicates Improved Profitability over the Past Three Months
Sep. 13, 2016:  Fuel Economy and Stringent Emission Standards are Increasing Demand for Low-viscosity Grade Basestocks
Sep. 7, 2016:  Green Alternatives, such as Alkyl Polyglucosides, are the Fastest Growing Surfactants on the Global Industrial Surfactants Market, Finds Kline
Jul. 18, 2016:  Cough, Cold, Immunity, and Probiotics Dominate the Natural OTCs Market, but Nutritional Products Grow the Strongest
Jun. 1, 2016:  Ian Butcher to Retire as Senior Vice President, Chemicals and Petrochemicals at Kline, with Frances Davidson and Hardeep Parmar to Replace
May. 23, 2016:  North American Synthetic Latex Polymers Market is Forecast to Grow by 1.5% through 2020 Driven by Various Forces
Apr. 27, 2016:  Specialized Devices Drive Double-digit Growth of the European Beauty Devices Market in 2015
Apr. 18, 2016:  Kline's Index of Base Stock Production and Re-refining Cash Margins Indicates Worsening Conditions at the End of the First Quarter
Apr. 4, 2016:  Performance-oriented Multifunctional Personal Care Ingredients Grow the Fastest in 2015
Mar. 8, 2016:  Hand Care Drives the U.S. I&I Cleaners Industry, Posting 3.6% Growth in 2015
Mar. 7, 2016:  Brightstock Alternatives Will Gain Ground as the Market Anticipates a Deficit of over 6.0 KBD
Feb. 29, 2016:  The Mosquito Control Insecticides Market's Slow Growth is Expected to Spike, Driven by the Zika Threat
Feb. 8, 2016:  Lubricant Additives Market Outpaces the Overall Lubricant Growth, which Varies by Additive Function
Feb. 4, 2016:  Is Your Base Oil Plant Healthy? Kline and SBA Consulting Launch New Base Oil Study
Feb. 2, 2016:  Rebounding European Janitorial Market Offers New Opportunities for Suppliers
Jan. 27, 2016:  The Global Wax Industry is Bound to Experience Future Shortages
Jan. 25, 2016:  Kline's Index of Base Stock Production and Re-refining Cash Margins Indicates a Downward Turn for Profitability


Nov. 16, 2015:  Kline's November Index of Base Stock Production and Re-refining Cash Margins Shows Second Straight Month of Declines
Nov. 2, 2015:  Crop Protection Distributors' Sales Decrease During 2015, According to Kline's Imminent In-season Update
Oct. 26, 2015:  The Markets for Excipients in the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia Render Untapped Potential with Above-average Growth
Oct. 22, 2015:  NYX, GlamGlow, and Dermalogica are Now Sold, Who is Next? - Kline Answers
Oct. 19, 2015:  October Index of Base Stock Production and Re-refining Cash Margins Shows Declines Due to Lower Postings
Oct. 13, 2015:  Kline Appoints Two New Directors to its Energy and Chemicals Management Consulting Teams
Oct. 8, 2015:  China is a Hidden Dragon of the Professional Skin Care Products Market, and Europe Resurrects with its Highest Growth in 2015
Oct. 2, 2015:  Kline's September Index of Base Stock Production and Re-refining Cash Margins Shows Continued Improvement within the Industry
Sep. 8, 2015:  Europe is the Largest Synthetic Latex Polymers Market but CIS Region Carries Higher Potential
Sep. 2, 2015:  Finished Lubricant Demand in the United Kingdom is Rebounding
Aug. 19, 2015:  Kline's August Index of Base Stock Production and Re-refining Cash Margins Shows Improved Margins Base Oil Producers
Jul. 30, 2015:  Rx-to-OTC Switches - Game Changers for the U.S. OTC Drugs Market through 2019
Jul. 28, 2015:  Beauty's Digital Pure Plays Go Physical on the U.S. Retail Market
Jul. 27, 2015:  Kline's July Index of Base Stock Production and Re-refining Cash Margins Indicates Continued Declines for Base Oil Producers
Jul. 20, 2015:  China Strengthens its Grip, while Malaysia is a Rising Star in the Asia-Pacific Finished Lubricants Market
Jul. 13, 2015:  Accounting for Less than 5% of the Global Crop Protection Market in 2014, Bio-pesticides Expand Rapidly
Jul. 8, 2015:  Despite Low Brand Loyalty, Wipes Grow Faster than the Overall I&I Cleaning Market in 2014
Jun. 25, 2015:  Kline's June Index of Base Stock Production and Re-refining Cash Margins Indicates Decreased Margins for Base Oil Producers
Jun. 24, 2015:  Investments Pay Off for Beauty Device Brands in Asia
Jun. 22, 2015:  Crop Protection Industry Sales Decline Slightly in 2014
Jun. 18, 2015:  Eco-friendly Cleaning and Developing Markets Spur Growth of Ingredients in Cleaning Applications
Jun. 9, 2015:  Chic Decor and Fine Home Fragrances Delight U.S. Consumers' Senses
May. 28, 2015:  Kline's May Index of Base Stock Production and Re-refining Cash Margins Indicates Decreased Margins for Base Oil Producers
May. 13, 2015:  Biological Nematicides Settling in the Global Specialty Pesticides Market
May. 12, 2015:  Granny Trend and Co-washing are More than Just Buzzwords Kline PRO Validates Latest Hair Trends with Transactional Data from a Panel of Independent Salons
Apr. 20, 2015:  Low Solubility Concern in the Pharma Industry Drives the Solubility Enhancement Excipients Market
Apr. 14, 2015:  Procter & Gamble's Beauty Divestitures are a Treasure Trove of Opportunities
Apr. 12, 2015:  Kline's April Index of Base Stock Production and Re-refining Cash Margins Reflects Relatively Profitable Conditions for Refiners
Apr. 8, 2015:  Wearable Devices and Elegant Lasers Invigorate the At-home Beauty Devices Market
Mar. 17, 2015:  Kline's March Index of Base Stock Production and Re-refining Cash Margins Reflects Improved Profitability Driven by Declining Crude Oil Prices
Mar. 11, 2015:  Hydroquinone-free Products Shine in the Professional Skin Care Spotlight as Hyperpigmentation and Sun Damage Climbs
Feb. 27, 2015:  Kline's February Index of Base Stock Production and Re-refining Cash Margins Reflects Improved Profitability Driven by Declining Crude Oil Prices
Feb. 25, 2015:  All Roads Lead to Synthetics on the Global Lubricants Market
Feb. 23, 2015:  The Unknown Southeast Asian Biocides Market Grows the Fastest
Feb. 19, 2015:  Leading Market Intelligence Powerhouses IRI and Kline & Company Form Exclusive Alliance to Better Serve the Consumer Healthcare Products Industry
Jan. 29, 2015:  The Move towards Truly Natural Products Aims to Strengthen the Natural Personal Care Market
Jan. 29, 2015:  Kline's January Index of Base Stock Production and Re-refining Cash Margins Reflects Improved Profitability Driven by Declining Crude Oil Prices
Jan. 2, 2015:  Kline's December Index of Base Stock Production and Re-refining Cash Margins Reflects Continuing Turmoil in Oil Markets


Dec. 11, 2014:  Southeast Asia - The Fourth Largest Synthetic Latex Polymers Market Globally
Dec. 9, 2014:  Regional Rubber Process Oil Markets Set for Global Integration
Dec. 8, 2014:  Industrial Vegetation Management Market of Pesticides and Fertilizers Proves 'Slow and Steady Wins the Race.'
Dec. 1, 2014:  Kline's November Index of Base Stock Production and Re-refining Cash Margins Shows Feedstock Prices Falling Faster than Product Prices Leading to Improved Margins for Both Refiners
Oct. 30, 2014:  While Regulations Place Bio-lubricants on the Growth Path, Product Performance at Competitive Pricing Will Drive the Market
Oct. 16, 2014:  October Index of Base Stock Production and Re-refining Cash Margins Shows Pullback for VGO Refiners and Improved Returns for Re-refiners
Oct. 15, 2014:  The Promising Ethnic Beauty Market Gives Way to Intensified Competition
Oct. 7, 2014:  Fast-casual Restaurants and Healthcare Facilities Present Growth Opportunities for U.S. Janitorial and Housekeeping Cleaning Suppliers
Sep. 24, 2014:  China Seed Treatment market dominated by promising corn yields
Sep. 24, 2014:  The market for seed treatment products in rice areas in Japan sees slight increase
Sep. 17, 2014:  Let's Talk About Sex - Kline Announces a First-of-its-kind Report on the Sexual Wellness Market
Sep. 16, 2014:  Kline's September Index of Base Stock Production and Re-refining Cash Margins Shows Gains for VGO Refiners and Lower Returns for Re-refiners
Aug. 20, 2014:  Kline's August Index of Base Stock Production and Re-refining Cash Margins Shows Temporarily Improved Returns for VGO Refiners and Re-refiners
Jul. 30, 2014:  France Seed Treatment Showing Signs of Stable, Continued Growth
Jul. 30, 2014:  Seed Treatment Showing Stable Signs of Growth for Italy's Major Crops
Jul. 16, 2014:  Kline's July Index of Base Stock Production and Re-refining Cash Margins Shows Steady Returns for VGO Refiners and Decreasing Returns for Re-refiners
Jun. 19, 2014:  Kline's June Index of Base Stock Production and Re-refining Cash Margins Shows a Slight Decrease in Profitability for Base Stock Producers
Jun. 18, 2014:  Raising the Bar on Food Safety Cleaning Products in China as the Chinese Government Tightens its Grip on Food Safety Oversight
Jun. 2, 2014:  Beauty's Best Kept Secret: Awareness of At-home Beauty Devices Remarkably Low while Satisfaction is High Among those in the Know
May. 28, 2014:  Polymers for Solubility Enhancement Will Drive the Oral Solid Dosage Forms Market
May. 27, 2014:  Crop Protection Industry Sales Remain Strong in 2013
May. 14, 2014:  Kline's May Index of Base Stock Production and Re-refining Cash Margins Provides Improved Results for Base Stock Producers
Apr. 28, 2014:  Growth Foreseen at All Levels of the Oral Solid Dosage Form Excipients Market
Apr. 14, 2014:  Kline's April Index of Base Stock Production and Re-refining Cash Margins Shows a Rebound in Base Stock Profitability
Apr. 1, 2014:  Indian Lubricants Market on a Slow but Promising Path to Growth
Mar. 12, 2014:  Kline's March Index of Base Stock Production and Re-refining Cash Margins Shows Further Drop in Base Stock Profitability
Mar. 5, 2014:  Kline Announces 8th Edition of its LubesNet Database
Mar. 4, 2014:  Enchanted Life Partners with Kline & Company to Support the Introduction of its New, Premier Destination for Multicultural Personal Care
Mar. 4, 2014:  Kline Announces Promotion of Karen Doskow to Director
Feb. 25, 2014:  Regulations Impact Rodenticide Sales
Feb. 14, 2014:  February Index of Base Stock Production and Re-refining Cash Margins Shows Significant Drop in Conventional Base Stock Profitability


Dec. 10, 2013:  At $29+ Billion, the Global Natural Personal Care Market is Naturally Strong
Dec. 4, 2013:  Sales Grow 6.2% for Crop Protection Distributors during 2013
Nov. 19, 2013:  Big Players Lead, but Smaller Ones Claim More of the Global Lubricants Market Turf
Nov. 13, 2013:  Smile - The U.S. Professional Oral Care Market is Showing its Teeth
Nov. 7, 2013:  50 Years Old and Still Looking Fabulous - Kline's Cosmetics & Toiletries USA Study Celebrates a Golden Jubilee
Oct. 8, 2013:  Injectibles - the Pointy Edge of the Non-invasive Aesthetic Products Market, but Body Contouring is Shaping it
Sep. 30, 2013:  Synthetic Latex Polymers - A USD 30 Billion+ Market that's Building Globally
Sep. 24, 2013:  50 Years Old and Still Bounding Over the Counter: Kline's Healthcare Practice Continues to Deliver Unmatched OTC Market Intelligence
Sep. 17, 2013:  Kline Marks 10th Anniversary of Professional Skin Care Research with an Exclusive Look at Seven New Untapped Markets
Jul. 10, 2013:  A Market with Bite - Kline Announces Professional Oral Care USA Report
Jul. 9, 2013:  Waning Petroleum Wax Supplies Creating a Greater Market for Synthetic and Vegetable Waxes
Jul. 1, 2013:  The U.S. Home Fragrances Market set Alight with the Highest Recorded Sales
Jun. 26, 2013:  Specialty Biocides Market: Transformed in Europe, Energized in the United States, and Cleaning Up in India and China
Jun. 25, 2013:  Room for Growth - Kline Sees a Whole Body of Potential within the Global At-home Beauty Devices Market
Jun. 17, 2013:  Kline & Company, Sagentia, and mySkin Team Up at HBA 2013 to Discuss Innovating for the DIY Beauty Consumer
Jun. 4, 2013:  Kline Releases White Paper on How the Shale Gas Boom is Shifting Natural Gas Conversion and Lubricant Base Stock Manufacturing
Apr. 24, 2013:  Small Players, Big Opportunities - Vibrant Personal Care Market Ripe for Acquisitions
Apr. 11, 2013:  Two-wheeler Lubricants Market Growing in Volume and Value
Mar. 6, 2013:  PBA and Kline & Company Announce Strategic Collaboration to Gain Broader Market Research Based on Groundbreaking Data
Mar. 4, 2013:  Promising Forecast for the U.S. Re-refining Industry
Feb. 13, 2013:  Untapped Potential Exists in Asian and European Beauty Devices Markets
Jan. 30, 2013:  Virile Numbers Showing up in the Global Male Grooming Products Market
Jan. 15, 2013:  Professional Nail Care Market Explodes Aided by Product Innovation
Jan. 7, 2013:  Kline & Company is Pleased to Announce the Promotion of Petroleum & Energy Expert Geeta Agashe to Senior Vice President on Kline's Management Consulting Team


Dec. 3, 2012:  Abundant Opportunities within the Russian OTC Market, Invest with Caution when Making the Switch
Nov. 27, 2012:  Affluence, an Aging Population, and Anticipated Rx-to-OTC Switches Boost a Healthy $32 Billion OTC Market in China
Nov. 14, 2012:  Thanks to 'Unseen Enemy' in Crop Production, the Global Nematicides Market is Growing Steadily
Nov. 12, 2012:  U.S. Industrial Vegetation Management Market for Pesticides and Fertilizers on a Decline; However, Growth will Come
Nov. 5, 2012:  Lubricant Demand Growth Stalls in Mature Markets, Strong Growth on the Horizon for New Emerging Markets, Sees Kline
Oct. 24, 2012:  Kline & Company is Pleased to Announce the Promotion and Appointment of Three Key Members of the Management Team
Oct. 8, 2012:  Generics Resolutely Impacting the U.S. Turf and Ornamental Market
Sep. 17, 2012:  Kline Sees Low Consumption, but High Growth Potential for Synthetic Latex Polymers in Eastern Europe
Sep. 10, 2012:  Acquisition Opportunities within the Global Metalworking Fluids Market
Sep. 6, 2012:  North American Lubricant Market Tapping Value, but Re-refined Oils' Potential Under Exploited
Jul. 30, 2012:  Alternate Distribution Channels Claim Opportunities for OTC Drug Sales in the United States
Jul. 24, 2012:  OTC Consumer Brand Loyalty Falters in Wake of Branded Recalls, Change in FSA Law, and Recession
Jul. 23, 2012:  Professional Skin Care Market Unblemished for Second Consecutive Year
Jul. 16, 2012:  Firmly Taking Root, Seed Treatment Market Exceeds $2.6 Billion
Jul. 11, 2012:  High-Involvement Home Fragrance Products Post Double-digit Growth in 2011
Jul. 11, 2012:  Pesticide Product Loyalty, Satisfaction Run High Among Fruit and Vegetable Growers
Jun. 19, 2012:  Harvesting the Profits - A Bumper Year for U.S. Crop Protection Manufacturers
Jun. 13, 2012:  Bold Looks and Key Demographic Divergences Ignite the U.S. Personal Care Market, Reveals Kline
May. 7, 2012:  Market Trends: Nikola Matic at in-cosmetics Barcelona
Apr. 23, 2012:  Online Beauty Sales Slated to Top $20 Billion in China by 2016
Apr. 17, 2012:  Hispanic Purchasing Power Remains Resilient Despite Economic Challenges
Apr. 12, 2012:  Stellar Year for U.S. Crop Protection Chemical Distributors in 2011 with Positive Outlook Ahead
Mar. 29, 2012:  Solid OTC Drug Market Growth in 2011
Mar. 14, 2012:  Active ingredients in personal care formulations also activate sales.
Mar. 12, 2012:  Natural Personal Care Markets in Western Europe and United States Naturally Evolving, Still Vibrant
Mar. 8, 2012:  Up to 18% Growth Projected for Lubricants in Wind Turbines Market
Feb. 28, 2012:  Natural personal care is not a fad, but a genuine consumer movement.
Feb. 1, 2012:  Everyone’s Doing It: Personal Care Marketers Go Social
Jan. 31, 2012:  China Looking Inwards for Strength - An Opportunity for Global Lubricant Majors, Projects Kline & Company
Jan. 16, 2012:  Beauty Marketing Gone Social; However, not at the Expense of Traditional Advertising, Reports Kline


Dec. 15, 2011:  There’s an APP for That!
Technology Key Enabler to OTC Statin Switch
Dec. 6, 2011:  Absorbing Increasing Personal Care Costs and Demands, and Maintaining Margins is not Mutually Exclusive, sees Kline
Nov. 16, 2011:  Room for Both Natural and Traditional OTCs, but Healthier Growth Rates for Natural OTCs Predicted, Reports Kline
Nov. 8, 2011:  Global Lubricant Market Initially Fluid despite Stalling Car Sales, according to Kline's Fall 2011 Estimates
Nov. 3, 2011:  Kline wins Agrow Award for Best Supporting Role.
Nov. 2, 2011:  While Asian Markets Hum, North American and European Markets Grind; Shell Remains the Global Lubricant Market Leader, According to Kline
Oct. 3, 2011:  Russian Specialty Pesticides Market Open for Multinational Suppliers; Kline’s Advice: Invest with Caution
Sep. 21, 2011:  Beauty Sales through Alternate Channels Post a 21 % Gain as U.S. Consumers Flock to the Internet and Television to Buy Cosmetics and Skin Care, According to Newly-released Kline Report
Sep. 20, 2011:  Demand for Anti-aging, Long-lasting Personal Care Products Drive Market for Delivery Systems
Sep. 6, 2011:  A Rising Consumer Understanding of Personal Care Active Ingredients Continues to Drive Product Development on the U.S. Market, Says Kline
Aug. 17, 2011:  At-home Skin Care Devices: The Next Billion Dollar Market, According to Recently Published Kline Report
Aug. 1, 2011:  Kline Research Shows Industrial Fluids Rebound in North America  GermanFrench
Jul. 13, 2011:  Natural and Private-label OTCs Post Gains while Many Branded OTCs Suffer from Recalls and Sales Declines, Leading to a Flat Market in 2010
May. 27, 2011:  Mosquito Control Market Faces New Challenge
May. 4, 2011:  Mexico’s Economic Growth Fuels Expansion in Local Biocide Market
May. 3, 2011:  A Focus on Added Value Helps the U.S. Cosmetics and Toiletries Market Rebound
Apr. 16, 2011:  Brightstock Shortage
Apr. 7, 2011:  Kline & Company Acquires Prochaska & Company, a Leading Agrochemical Information Provider
Mar. 29, 2011:  Professional Skin Care Market Bounces Back as Marketers and Outlets Adapt to the Demands of a New Economy
Mar. 16, 2011:  Professional Skin Care Market Rebounds in Europe and the United States in 2010, According to Latest Kline Research
Feb. 15, 2011:  Petroleum Waxes Give Way to Open New Opportunities in the Global Wax Industry, according to Kline
Feb. 2, 2011:  Breakthrough Research Methodology Reveals Unexpected Consumer Insights
Jan. 19, 2011:  Unexpected Consumer Insights Revealed through Breakthrough Methodology Applied to Kline’s New Research


Dec. 16, 2010:  Nematicide Forecast Promising as Suppliers Innovate to Meet Growers’ Needs
Dec. 7, 2010:  Demand for Synthetics Surges Amid Lackluster Finished Lubricant Market
Nov. 30, 2010:  New Data Shows Plenty of Room for Innovators of All Sizes in OTC Market
Nov. 19, 2010:  Natural Products Outperform the Overall Personal Care Market: More Double-digit Growth on the Global Horizon
Oct. 27, 2010:  Competitive Dynamics Favor Ample Opportunities in the U.S. Janitorial and Housekeeping Cleaning Products Market, Says Kline
Oct. 20, 2010:  Nonprescription Drugs Cost Structures Fluctuate with Increased Cost of Goods, according to Kline
Oct. 14, 2010:  India Holds the Potential for Becoming a Major Consumption Market for Personal Care Ingredients, Anticipates Kline
Oct. 12, 2010:  Disparities in Regional Growth Characterize the Recovery Outlook for European Synthetic Latex Polymers, According to Kline
Sep. 30, 2010:  Naphthenic Basestocks Poised for Rebound Fueled by Niche Market Demand
Sep. 23, 2010:  Shell Leads Global Finished Lubricant Market Four Years Running, According to Kline
Sep. 21, 2010:  Re-refined Basestocks Reach Par with Virgin Basestocks, but Many Issues Still Hinder Industry Growth, Reveals Kline
Sep. 14, 2010:  Green Trend Drives Personal Care Ingredients Market
Sep. 10, 2010:  Generic Products Impact Industrial Vegetation Management Market
Aug. 24, 2010:  Personal Care Ingredients Market in the United States Forecast to Grow at a CAGR of 2.2% through 2014, According to Kline
Aug. 17, 2010:  The European Personal Care Ingredients Market Shows Recovery in Sales in the First Half of 2010, according to Kline
Aug. 3, 2010:  The Market for Synthetic Latex Polymers Shrank, but is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 2.4%, Suggests Kline’s FutureView Scenario
Jul. 23, 2010:  The New Consumer: Post-Recession Recovery Demands New Approach from Consumer Products Brands
Jul. 19, 2010:  Kline’s New Research on the Implications of Climate Change on Agribusiness
Jun. 24, 2010:  OTC Industry Looks to High-Growth OTC Switches to Fuel Growth
Jun. 23, 2010:  Marketers Fight Fire with Fire in Order to Keep Professional Skin Care Industry Afloat
Jun. 2, 2010:  Surge In Chinese and Indian Auto Industry Drives Lubricant Demand
May. 26, 2010:  Shift in Global Synthetic Latex Polymers Market has Manufacturers Looking to the Future
Apr. 21, 2010:  The Passenger Car Lubricants Market in India Leapfrogs Quality Levels, Shows Kline Study
Apr. 19, 2010:  Eric Vogelsberg Now Leads Kline & Company's Expanded Global M&A and Corporate Development Practice. Glyn Johnson to Drive Effort in Europe
Apr. 8, 2010:  Kline’s Vice President to Present about Specialty Chemicals Strategy to Identify/Build Successful Portfolios in India at 11th Annual Chemical Weekly Business Outlook Conference
Apr. 7, 2010:  Neither Lipstick, nor Face Makeup, This Time Women Turned to Nail Polish During the Recession, According to Kline
Mar. 11, 2010:  Naturals Market Resists Recession, Posts Strong Global Growth
Mar. 5, 2010:  Big Oil Faces Global Competition from National Oil Companies
Feb. 22, 2010:  Kline Received Prestigious Reid & Taylor Retail Leadership Award at Asia 2010 Retail Congress
Feb. 17, 2010:  Kline Sees Continuous Growth on the Seed Treatment Market Due to its Cost Effectiveness in Protecting Valuable Seeds
Feb. 1, 2010:  Kline Study Projects Shift to Emerging Countries and Environmentally Friendly Products will Boost Growth for Antifreeze and Coolants Globally
Jan. 25, 2010:  BRIC by BRIC, Rebuilding Demand for Finished Lubes, Says Kline Study
Jan. 13, 2010:  Groundbreaking Kline Research Program Delivers Crucial Consumer Insights in Personal Care Innovation


Dec. 15, 2009:  Kline Study Reveals Changing Consumer Behavior Forces Shift in Global Beauty Retail Channels
Dec. 8, 2009:  Agricultural & Specialty Pesticides Market Builds Momentum into 2010
Dec. 3, 2009:  Consumer Products Show Promise for Specialty Chemicals Industry
Dec. 1, 2009:  Innovations, Marketing, Future Rx-to-OTC Switches, and Economic Recovery to Jump Start the U.S. OTC Market
Nov. 24, 2009:  Global Lubricants Industry: A review of 2009
Nov. 20, 2009:  Consumer Products Poised for a Rebound in 2010 - November Newsletter
Nov. 19, 2009:  Kline & Company announces Consumer Insights of Personal Care Innovation 2010, the first-edition of Kline Pulse, a groundbreaking program which incorporates the latest consumer research methodology.
Oct. 7, 2009:  Domestic Focus Helps Buoy Synthetic Latex Polymers Market in India and China
Sep. 30, 2009:  New World Economy Drives Shift in Global Cosmetics & Toiletries Channels
Sep. 17, 2009:  Global Recession Levels Serious Blow to Lubes Industry
Aug. 13, 2009:  Emulsion Polymer Consumption in Construction in China Experienced Double-digit Growth in 2008, According to Kline
Aug. 4, 2009:  Shell Maintains its Leadership Position in the Global Finished Lubricants Market, according to Kline
Jul. 15, 2009:  OTC Market is not Largely Impacted by Recession; However, Prominent Growth Remains Only in Some Categories, According to Kline
Jul. 8, 2009:  Kline’s “Probable Case Scenario” until 2013 Reflects Average Annual Growth of over 10% for the Synthetic Latex Polymers Industry in India
Jun. 25, 2009:  Kline Predicts Strong Market for Food Service Pest Control Despite Weak Economy
Jun. 18, 2009:  Kline Predicts Innovation Will Help Branded OTCs Regain Share from Private Labels
Jun. 15, 2009:  Growth of Biocides Used in Disinfectants and Sanitizers Exceeded Growth of Specialty Biocides in the United States in 2008
Jun. 12, 2009:  Kline Says Personal Care Market Remains Promising for Chemical Suppliers
Jun. 2, 2009:  Kline says Group I Basestock Suppliers Must Look Beyond Cost Analysis to Determine Future Viability
May. 28, 2009:  Kline Says Home Fragrance Marketers Must Turn up the Heat in the New Economy
May. 27, 2009:  Kline Projects Moderate Growth Over the Next Five Years in the Cosmetics & Toiletries Market
May. 12, 2009:  Increasing Safety Concerns Boost Consumption of Biocides according to Kline
Apr. 14, 2009:  New from Kline Energy...Global Aviation Turbine Engine Oil Suppliers 2009: Customer Value-Added Analysis
Apr. 8, 2009:  Private-label OTC Drugs Post Solid Gains in 2008, According to Kline
Apr. 2, 2009:  New from Kline Ag/Specialty Pesticides...The Impact of the Recession on the U.S. Non-crop Pesticide Markets, 2009-2014
Mar. 25, 2009:  New from Kline Chemicals...Global Personal Care Ingredients 2009: Market Analysis and Opportunities
Mar. 25, 2009:  New from Kline Energy...Global Wax Industry 2009: Market Analysis and Opportunities
Mar. 18, 2009:  Kline Projects Growth of Lubricant Additives Consumption Despite the Downturn
Mar. 18, 2009:  Kline Says Despite Tempered Growth in Metalworking Fluids, Some Bright Spots Remain
Mar. 11, 2009:  New from Kline Consumer Products...Home Fragrances 2009: Europe Market Analysis and Opportunities
Mar. 11, 2009:  New from Kline Consumer Products...Impact of Recessions on the U.S. Personal Care Market
Mar. 10, 2009:  Kline Says Environmental and Health Concerns May Bolster Growth of Specialty Biocides
Mar. 9, 2009:  New from Kline Healthcare...Impact of Recessions on the U.S. OTC Market
Mar. 3, 2009:  Mood Foods May Breathe New Life into Mature Markets
Mar. 2, 2009:  Kline Study Shows Biocides Industry Continues to Grow in India
Feb. 17, 2009:  Desire for Performance Coupled with Natural Ingredients Boosts Botanical Actives Consumption in Personal Care
Feb. 5, 2009:  Kline Anticipates Healthy Growth for the Naturals Market in the Face of the Economic Downturn
Feb. 2, 2009:  Kline Predicts Increasing Margin Pressures for Personal Care Marketers
Jan. 15, 2009:  Mood-Enhancing and Heart Health Foods Emerging as Incidence of Heart Diseases Rises


Nov. 18, 2008:  Kline Says Proof of Performance is Key Driver Across All Segments in Actives Industry
Nov. 18, 2008:  Kline Says Tough Times Call for Innovation in Personal Care Industry
Nov. 13, 2008:  Kline Expects Installed Lubes Channel to Grow on Service-Driven Model
Oct. 23, 2008:  Growth for the Natural Products Segment Outpaces the General Personal Care Market by a Landslide
Oct. 13, 2008:  Kline Personal Care Industry Expert to Present at in-cosmetics Asia in Bangkok, Thailand
Sep. 3, 2008:  Kline Industry Analyst to Present at HBA Global Expo in New York on September 10
Jul. 28, 2008:  Kline Assesses Estée Lauder’s Investment in India's Top Spa Brand
Jul. 2, 2008:  Kline Study Shows Shell Retained Global Lubricant Market Share Lead in 2007
Jun. 19, 2008:  Kline & Company Industry Experts to Present at 5th Annual Cosmeceuticals Conference in New York June 26-27
May. 21, 2008:  Kline Study Reveals Gold Standard for Retailer/OTC Marketer Partnerships
May. 20, 2008:  Significant Opportunities Exist for Green Cleaning Products According to Kline Report
May. 8, 2008:  Kline Study Shows Brazilian Cosmetics & Toiletries Market Boosted by Middle Class Buying Power
May. 5, 2008:  Kline Expands in Europe with Opening of Prague Office
Mar. 5, 2008:  Miticides and Nematicides Require Specialized Expertise for Marketers
Feb. 19, 2008:  Kline Adds Director to Consumer Products Practice
Jan. 28, 2008:  Kline Strengthens Management Consulting Capabilities in Europe
Jan. 28, 2008:  Kline Analysts Say Clinique-Allergan Deal Sets Beauty Industry Precedent in Channel Diversification
Jan. 17, 2008:  Global Lubricant Industry Expert Geeta Agashe Promoted to Vice President at Kline


Dec. 27, 2007:  Senior Vice President of Kline Europe Presents at European Petrochemical Association Meeting
Dec. 19, 2007:  Kline FlashPoint Report Identifies Opportunities in Chinese Asphalt Market
Dec. 17, 2007:  Government Mandates Create Opportunities in New Energy Industries
Dec. 6, 2007:  Kline Strengthens European Presence with the Opening of Oxford Office and Expansion in Brussels
Nov. 27, 2007:  REACH Legislation Could Catch Many Companies Unprepared
Nov. 19, 2007:  Change in Medicare and Medicaid Legislation Creates Market for Antimicrobial Coatings In the U.S.
Oct. 31, 2007:  Natural Goes Mainstream: Kline Analysis Finds Natural Personal Care Moving to Mass Channels of Distribution
Oct. 26, 2007:  Kline FlashPoint Report Analyzes Shifts in the Chinese Automotive Lubricants Market
Oct. 8, 2007:  Kline Study Shows Dip in Mineral-Based Wax Production Yields Innovative Strategies for End-Users
Sep. 17, 2007:  Growth in Male Skin Care Outpaces All Other Global Personal Care Categories
Sep. 4, 2007:  India Embracing Western Influence in Personal Care Products
Aug. 22, 2007:  Kline Study: Better Brushing Habits Boost European Oral Care Sales
Aug. 7, 2007:  Kline Study Suggests Specialty Products and Innovative Marketing Offer Best Edge for Lubricant Manufacturers in North America
Jul. 30, 2007:  Kline FlashPoint Report Reveals Strategy for Success in the Biodiesel Market
Jul. 30, 2007:  Kline Study Shows Shell Retakes Top Spot in Global Lubricants Market in 2006
Jul. 9, 2007:  Kline Study Finds Beauty Retailers Use Rewards to Bolster Customer Loyalty
Jul. 9, 2007:  Kline Expands Expertise Available to Oil & Gas Industry
Jun. 28, 2007:  Kline Study Shows Strong Growth in Specific Categories of the Nonprescription Drug Market
Jun. 12, 2007:  Kline Study Shows Mass Merchandisers are Consumers’ Choice for OTC Drug Purchases
May. 29, 2007:  Kline Debuts Innovations in Interactive Market Research Data At in-Cosmetics 2007 Paris
May. 21, 2007:  Personal Care Market Growing ‛Naturally’
May. 16, 2007:  Kline Opens New Office in Dubai to Serve Clients in the Middle East
Apr. 20, 2007:  China Surpasses France in Global Cosmetics and Toiletries Sales Rankings
Apr. 11, 2007:  Upper Respiratory OTC Medications Post Strong Growth in Canada Despite Milder Cold Season
Mar. 27, 2007:  Convergence of Beauty Institutes and Spas is Redefining the European Professional Skin Care Market
Mar. 21, 2007:  Kline Adding Resources to Houston Market
Mar. 15, 2007:  Kline Puts Client Satisfaction First With Creation of Client Liaison Position
Feb. 27, 2007:  Kline Analysts: Qatar/Exxonmobil’s Cancelled GTL Plans Open Doors for Group III Basestock Refiners
Feb. 26, 2007:  Kline Study: China’s Professional Skin Care Market will Soon Surpass the U.S.
Jan. 31, 2007:  Strong Growth but More Uncertainty Ahead for Synthetic Lubricants Market
Jan. 31, 2007:  Kline Featured in PharmaVoice
Jan. 30, 2007:  Doctors, Spas Looking to Professional Skin Care Brands for Support, According to Kline Survey
Jan. 29, 2007:  Shell Regains Top Position in Global Lubricants Market with China Acquisition
Jan. 22, 2007:  J&J Increases Canadian OTC Market Dominance with Pfizer Deal
Jan. 19, 2007:  Kline Analysts: Even in Worst Case, Growth of Chinese Synthetic Latex Polymer Market will Outpace the West
Jan. 17, 2007:  Lubricant Marketers Should Not Look Past Pakistan, According to Kline Study
Jan. 10, 2007:  Drugstores Battle for Beauty Sales with Premium Products
Jan. 2, 2007:  Spain Shows Promise in Salon Hair Care Market


Dec. 18, 2006:  Market for Janitorial and Housekeeping Cleaning Products Growing Steadily, According to Kline Study
Dec. 14, 2006:  Will Bright Stocks Continue to be "Collateral Damage" of Group I Plant Closures?
Nov. 16, 2006:  Profits Slip as OTC Drug Makers Spend More to Shore Up Core Brands
Nov. 15, 2006:  Product-Driven Market Poses Challenges to Pesticide Suppliers Seeking Customer Loyalty
Nov. 1, 2006:  Kline's New Delhi Office Grows to Meet Customer Demand
Oct. 13, 2006:  Steady Growth, Demand for Innovation Lure Competitors to Specialty Actives Market
Oct. 6, 2006:  Insect Repellents Continue to Lead Growth in Consumer Pesticides and Fertilizers Market
Sep. 14, 2006:  Invasive Weed Control an Emerging Market for Pesticide Suppliers
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