Year: 2021

Food-Grade Lubricants: Analysis of Major Markets

Growing global food safety awareness, increasing stringency in regulations, and the cost of noncompliance is driving the market for food-grade lubricants. The webinar covers:

Demand for food-grade lubricants in select markets in 2020 and forecast to 2025​
Analysis of market trends, growth drivers and restraints, regulations, opportunities, and challenges​
Major suppliers and their market shares

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Free From Food Expo

With consumer demand for vegetarian alternatives increasing at a substantial pace, manufacturers are seeking better ways to optimize product production, which has been the chief industry obstacle. This presentation will shine a spotlight on existing and new processing techniques used for plant-based meat products among which extrusion, mixing of proteins with fibers, shear cell technology, 3D printing, and more. It will also touch base on top producers of commercial products including Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, and Tyson, with a review of their approaches to manufacturing and marketing.

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Energy Market Research Webinar

This webinar will provide an:
– Assessment of the evolution of EV in key select markets and the market forces promoting EV penetration
– Analysis of fluid requirements for different EV technologies
– Assessment of the impact of various EV technologies on EV fluid specification and demand
– EV maintenance and fluid change practices and the resulting demand for EV fluids
– Evaluation of fluid requirements of installed and announced fast-charging infrastructure projects
– Identification of market opportunities and challenges

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Foodservice Cleaning Products: Trends Shift as the Pandemic Continues

Foodservice cleaning products and procedures have been vastly affected by the pandemic. What were the unexpected challenges, and how are restaurants and other foodservice facilities adapting? At this webinar, you will gain valuable insights on:

Market size and segmentation
Impact of COVID-19
Key trends, challenges, and opportunities
Summary of end-user survey responses

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Waterless Beauty in Europe: Brands, Trends, and Products Watch

Whether in form of bars, sticks, or tablets, solid-form cosmetics take on more and more shelf space. This report is a first-of-its-kind analysis of the fast-developing market of solid-form cosmetics in Europe: travel-friendly, sustainable, natural, water-saving, plastic-reducing ergonomic solutions that beauty industry marketers offer to their clients.

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