DIY Nail Care Outperforms the Professional Segment

DIY Nail Care Outperforms the Professional Segment

Although the U.S. professional nail care market posted an 8.3% gain in 2021 at almost $700 million, market levels are still only three-quarters of the value in 2019. By contrast, in 2021, the at-home nail polishes category was 26% larger compared to 2019. This is also in divergence from other segments of the professional beauty market; U.S. salon hair care rebounded to 10% above 2019 levels, while U.S. professional skin care surged to more than 20%.  

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Bonsai kids

Bonsai Kids: An Entertainment-Inspired, California-Grown Brand

Bonsai Kids was developed by a Hollywood hairstylist and father who wanted to bring quality and affordable kids’ products to the marketits fun packaging no doubt appeals to today’s video-game-playing youth. Bonsai Kids is sold DTC but appeared in our Kline PRO salon panel a few years back. Salon sales were negligible until 2020, when register rings surged by nearly 700%. For additional brand insights, follow Kline PRO, our salon retail products and services database for the United States and Canada markets. 

boutique retailers market data

Globetrotting Beauty Boutiques

Contributions by Alyssa Behrndt, Marina Drobnjak, Agnieszka Saintemarie, and Shivani Singh

One of the most dynamic sets of players within the beauty landscape is single-brand retailers. Having greater flexibility over the store environment compared to brands in a multi-brand setting, these retailers continually refresh their in-store experience with new offerings and promotions. Kline’s global research team took to the streets to get a pulse on the latest happenings.Continue reading

Endless Newbie Indies at Cosmoprof North America and in Digital Beauty

Endless Newbie Indies at Cosmoprof North America and in Digital Beauty

One thing stood out to our team as we walked the show floor at Cosmoprof North America last week—there were so many brands we had never seen before! As a firm that has been tracking the beauty industry for nearly 60 years, we had once prided ourselves on being in the know on every single brand. Those days are long gone, as the sheer number of unknown brands seems to increase exponentially each year, not only on the show floor but also in the digital beauty space, as identified by Amalgam, Kline’s new digital beauty tracker. Clearly entrepreneurship and innovation are alive and well.

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April’s Top Five Digital Beauty Winners

April’s Top Five Digital Beauty Winners

The results for April have just been released from Amalgam, Kline’s new e-commerce tracking service. Several beauty items landed at the top of the charts for the first time. Here are some that caught our attention:

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay has been inching up the charts since it first debuted in Amalgam last June. In April, it joined the top 10 for the first time, ranking #2 in facial skin care and #1 in masques. This 100% natural calcium bentonite clay is said to be the “world’s most powerful facial.” Most recently, we’ve found this item only at Amazon among the sites monitored in Amalgam; in prior months, it was also found among Walmart’s top sellers.Continue reading

Salon Hair Care Global Series

Professional Hair Care Gets the Royal Treatment

A new generation of treatment products has propelled the salon hair care industry to hit a five-year high in terms of sales growth in 2015. Treatment products was the only product type to register a double-digit gain for the year, with growth nearly four times the industry average. Driven not only by bond multipliers—a brand new sub-category created singlehandedly by Olaplex that was quickly and fiercely replicated by countless others—but also by many deep nourishing treatments and multi-benefit products, as more emphasis is placed on healthier hair and scalps.
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Natural Personal Care

All Natural Products are Here to Stay

Now topping an estimated $36 billion at the manufacturers’ level and experiencing more than five consecutive years of double-digit growth, the natural beauty and personal care market is as vibrant as ever. Once thought of as a passing trend, the natural and organic movement has solidified itself an industry mainstay that gets stronger each year thanks to growing consumer demand and higher performance products.

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Cosmetic Textiles

Cosmetic Textiles – Where Beauty Meets Fashion

The fashion and beauty industries have always been closely aligned, with runway trends often dictating the latest crazes in makeup and hairstyles. The two industries have now officially collided with the arrival of cosmetic textiles. The cosmetotextile market’s recent rise is paving the way for a new means in which consumers can consider their garments, providing a new growth avenue for both cosmetic and apparel manufacturers.Continue reading

NYX is Coming to Town

You’d Better Watch Out, You Might Want to Cry—NYX is Coming to Town

NYX, the now L’Oréal-owned mass cosmetics brand that has taken the beauty market by storm, opened its first retail locations in Arcadia and Torrance, CA, in October. The brand has already opened a third location in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, and plans to open at least two additional locations in California before the end of the year. Major plans are apparently in place to transform the chain into a national retailer in early 2016, as initial signage has popped up in malls around the United States indicating that NYX is “coming soon,” potentially disrupting the beauty retailing landscape in a major way.

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The Leadership Scramble in Professional Beauty: Who Will Win?

The Leadership Scramble in Professional Beauty: Who Will Win?

Acquisition activity has greatly altered the landscape of the global professional beauty industry in the past few years. L’Oréal is now the clear leader and only major player to have a leadership role in all three sectors of professional beauty: hair care, skin care, and nail care. The company has long held the #1 spot in the hair sector. With its acquisitions of SkinCeuticals (2005) and Essie (2010), L’Oréal landed a slot among the top 10 in skin care and nail care, respectively. Adding Decléor and Carita to its portfolio in 2014 propelled L’Oréal to the #1 ranking in skin care. The #1 spot is now firmly taken, but rankings beyond that are very much up for grabs.  Continue reading