Erin Durham

Based in Milan, Italy, Erin Durham is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Kline & Company’s Market Research Division.

Erin has more than 20 years of professional experience working with Fortune 500 companies in Europe and North America. Her experience ranges from managing international media and advertising campaigns, implementing market research and marketing strategies, and cultivating senior-level client relations. In addition to overseeing KMR’s sales and marketing team globally, Erin works closely with KMR’s Energy Team to manage the practice’s key accounts for the EMEA region.

Prior to joining Kline, Erin was an associate director with GMA Marketing and Research Consultants. In this role, she was responsible for travel and tourism market research in Europe and North America. She collaborated with leading cities on both continents to improve their business tourism image through the benchmarking studies EUROPOLL and METROPOLL.

Erin received a BA in English and American literature and a Certificate of Business Administration from Wesleyan College. She is certified to teach English as a Second Language and recently completed a 200-hour yoga instructor course.

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