Consumer Healthcare: COVID-19 Impacts and Observations Nov 2020

The unprecedented crisis of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has affected the U.S. population in profound ways that seem to change daily. From early to mid-March 2020, the country began social distancing policies, with more stringent “shelter-in-place” orders enacted across much of the country by early April. With that, schools, colleges, restaurants, lodging establishments, office buildings, some industrial facilities, recreational facilities, and many non-essential government facilities closed, and a unique recessionary/boon economy (for some) ensued. Much of this patchwork mixture of experiences continues in December as the United States experiences a resurgence of the virus.

How has this impacted Consumer Healthcare (CHC) practices and product sales patterns? What will the future bring? In this short paper, we assess the possible impact on the consumer healthcare market, a space with which both Kline and IRI are deeply familiar, having tracked the industry for decades. For clarity, we’ve looked at the impacts of COVID-19 on the consumer healthcare market, defined as nonprescription or OTC drugs, dietary supplements, and devices used by consumers to manage their health. Get a copy of this whitepaper to better understand:

  • The impact of COVID-19 on public health and the economy
  • The historical perspective: recession and consumer healthcare
  • The current market situation                                            
  • Consumers' behavior in light of COVID-19 
  • The future of the market


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