Beauty and Wellbeing 2023 Trends

As we enter 2023 with uncertainty of a global recession, Kline is sharing insights and predictions about the years ahead for the beauty industry. Download this highlights report to learn which trends are likely to gain steam:

1. Beauty Sales Remaining Strong in the Face of Inflation 

Consumers plan to spend the same amount—or more—on professional skin care products in 2023.

2. Metaverse Emerging Into a New Destination to Connect Beauty Consumers 

Brands continue to experiment with NFTs, digital storefronts, and virtual products for avatars in the metaverse. 


3. Refillable Beauty Gaining Ground in the Premium Sector 

Conventional players tap into the trend with refill pod options for product replenishment.

4. Inclusivity and Diversity Becoming the New Norm in Beauty 

Brands prioritize inclusion and diversity in their marketing strategy to increase brand loyalty.

5. Multi-Site Beauty Outlets Creating New Growth Opportunities 

Skin care destinations are becoming increasingly popular among young consumers who are looking for treatments. 

Kline is uniquely positioned to deliver forward-looking, data-driven insights and strategies in the beauty industry. We harness the power of our industry expertise with advanced skillsets and AI tools to bring more certainty to the future. Learn more about our predictive insights and forecasting solutions. 

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