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Biopesticides Market in Italy Set For Rapid Rate Growth in the Next 10 Years

The Italian market of biological pesticides was estimated at approximately USD 160 million in 2019. The industry continues its period of positive growth, with an expected rapid growth through to 2029. Besides seed treatment products, which are estimated to grow the fastest across all crop categories, non-crop for professional usage is forecast to grow at double-digit rates, driven by increasing demand for biopesticides to treat turfs in public and private areas. Biogard is the leading supplier of biopesticides in Italy, accounting for over 16% of total sales. Sumitomo, Certis, Isagro, and Bayer follow, each gathering more than 10% of total sales.

Sumitomo’s Dipel DF was the top-selling biopesticide in Italy in 2019, due to its wide range of activity across various types of crops. Sales of Dipel DF are valued at just over USD 6 million with a market share of around 4%.

Overall, the biological pesticides market in Italy is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 9% through 2029, driven by several improvements and changes across the entire supply chain.

Moving forward, many companies that traditionally work in the chemical pesticides sector are expected to enter the biological market and extend their portfolio, including pesticides from natural origins. This shift toward biological agriculture will be supported by new European regulations, which are expected to reduce the usage of chemical products and even ban several toxic ones.

There is an interest in the development of biopesticides for all the available active ingredients and pesticide types among suppliers. And while microorganisms are expected to remain the leading category of biopesticides used in Italy, with their development focusing on specificity and efficacy, pheromones and other semiochemicals will grow rapidly, as they will soon be present across most Italian vineyards.

Kline’s recently published Global Biopesticides: Overview of Natural and Microbial Pesticides, Italy market profile provides a detailed and invaluable analysis of the market, its trends, and sales of biopesticides for field, fruit, vegetables, specialty crops, non-crop, and seed treatment segments. Please, send us your feedback regarding which country would you prefer to see in our next report.

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