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Global Lubricant Consumption

Global Aviation Turbine Engine Oil Suppliers 2009: Customer Value-Added Analysis

Kline & Company is pleased to announce a new study from its Energy practice, Global Aviation Turbine Engine Oil Suppliers 2009: Customer Value-Added Analysis.

This study is designed to help answer a number of strategically important questions regarding how manufacturers of global aviation turbine engine oil products are viewed by their customers and how they compare to their competitors in key areas. Products to be analyzed primarily include aviation turbine engine oils, and manufacturers will be rated on about 25 purchase factors.

Nonprescription Drugs USA 2009 Key Highlights

Private-label OTC Drugs Post Solid Gains in 2008, According to Kline

Private-label OTC medicines were up 8.2% over the same time period, within which antacids and allergy medicines posted the highest growth last year, driven primarily by increases in sales of private-label omeprazole (Procter & Gambles Prilosec OTC) and cetirizine (Johnson & Johnsons Zyrtec).

The following two areas distinctively posted very high growth mainly as a result of Rx-to-OTC switches: allergy, asthma, and sinus medications were up 17.3% as a result of strong sales from Johnson & Johnson’s Zyrtec brand, as well as its equivalent private-label cetirizine; feminine products was the other area that grew 7.3% in 2008 as a result of strong sales growth of personal lubricants, as well as the Rx-to-OTC switch brand Plan B by Barr Laboratories.