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Nonprescription Drugs Cost Structures

OTC Industry Looks to High-Growth OTC Switches to Fuel Industry Growth

Amid mounting pressure from generics and private-label products, branded drug manufactures are counting on Rx-to-OTC switches to drive growth and keep revenues flowing. Recent switches have generated $1 billion—about 10% of total industry sales for 2009—making this an attractive path for drug makers. With a number of potentially huge switches on the horizon, the next few years could see a flurry of activity that will drive post-recessionary growth through 2014. read more…

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Natural Surfactants - APG outlook remains rosy

Natural surfactants – APG outlook remains rosy

The sustainability movement continues to gain momentum within suppliers of chemicals and ingredients to the personal care industry increasingly focusing on establishing competence as a sustainable or green player in the industry. One facet of sustainability, ‘naturals’ continues to drive growth within the industry.

The natural personal care market at brand level grew by over 8% in the USA during 2009 despite the recession, a similar scenario in other regions battling with the economic downturn. In turn personal care ingredients have benefited from consumer desire to use natural products.Continue reading

North American Market Analysis for Consumer Automotive

Surge In Chinese and Indian Auto Industry Drives Lubricant Demand

With the automotive business in deep trouble in most parts of the world, China and India continue to surge ahead with production to meet consumers’ growing demand for cars. Just as the Western world’s love affair with the automobile spawned a major industrial and cultural shift, the growing car park in China and India is driving an evolution—not only in consumer mobility, but also in lubricant demand, creating vast opportunities for lubricant and basestock marketers.  Read more…

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Future Growth of OTC Market

Bring your input to OTC Drugs: U.S. Competitor Cost Structures 2010

Kline is  pleased to announce that our research has begun for the OTC Drugs: U.S. Competitor Cost Structures 2010 study.
Our lead research analyst, Mr. Prashant Sharma, is currently in touch with suppliers, manufacturers, packaging companies, ad agencies, financial analysts, and OTC marketers to understand how their cost structures have changed recently.

We would like your valuable input as well on the following: Continue reading

Synthetic Latex Polymers

Shift in Global Synthetic Latex Polymers Market has Manufacturers Looking to the Future

With the European and North American end-use markets struggling to recover from one of the worst economic declines in recent history, synthetic latex polymer manufacturers around the world are eyeing forecasts and opportunities across the globe to chart their own course for recovery. How will the slow-but-steady economic recovery impact worldwide markets? Read more…

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Rx-to-OTC Switch Forecasting Model

Brands Make A Comeback; OTC Market Resilient During Recession

The U.S. OTC market is often a challenging market to make predictions about. There are so many instances where companies, brands, consumers, and even regulators buck trends that there are often reasons to look at things on a case-by case basis. However, when it came to predicting the impact the economic recession of 2008-2009 would have on the industry, Kline turned to our vast historical data to make predictions. Continue reading

Car Lubricants Market in India

The Passenger Car Lubricants Market in India Leapfrogs Quality Levels

The passenger car lubricants market in India is witnessing a massive shift in OEM-recommended viscosity grades, according to the latest findings from the Opportunities in Lubricants 2010: India Market Analysis report by worldwide consulting and research firm Kline & Company.

While the older passenger cars in India are still running on viscosity grades such as SAE 20W-40 and SAE 20W-50, the OEMs are recommending SAE 5W-30 and SAE 5W-40 for new passenger cars due to their superior fuel economy characteristics. This significant development will help the Indian consumer lubricants market up thequality curve faster.Continue reading

Eric Vogelsberg Now Leads Kline’s Expanded Global M&A and Corporate Development Practice. Glyn Johnson to Drive Effort in Europe

Kline & Company announced Eric Vogelsberg as the head of the firm’s global M&A and Corporate Development Practice. The move recognizes Vogelsberg’s work to expand Kline’s M&A portfolio from an acknowledged leader in the development of market and competitive intelligence for buy-side transactions to a full-service, global M&A, and corporate development advisory. In addition, the firm announced that Glyn Johnson will lead the Practice’s efforts in Europe, leveraging his years of successful transaction experience and longstanding relationships with financial clients and industry leaders. Continue reading