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Professional Hair Coloring

Plant-Based Color Steps Up at MCB Paris

Last week, we attended the MCB by Beauté Sélection trade show to get a glimpse of the newest innovations and product launches in the European professional hair care market. There, the trend toward natural, green, and vegan took the spotlight. This is no surprise, as our recently published Salon Hair Care Global Series study shows that natural professional hair care products are on the rise as consumers seek clean and sustainable products in addition to natural ingredients. This segment shows well above market average growth, increasing in Europe by an outstanding 7.2% in 2018.Continue reading

Digitally Native Beauty in China

The Power of Online Beauty Disruptors in China

Digital native beauty brands have been rising to become an industry disrupting force in the past three years in China’s cosmetics market. Emerging with a flair for consumer experience and control over their own distribution, these brands are often found on China’s prominent e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, JD, and

Our preliminary research indicates that leading digital native beauty brands have achieved manufacturer sales of more than CNY 200 million (USD 30 million) in 2018 and constantly rank as the top-selling brands during grand “shopping festivals”—such as 6.18 Mid-year, Double 11, and Double 12—held by e-commerce platforms. Continue reading

Mosquito control market active ingredients

Dengue Outbreak in Southeast Asia Set to Increase Mosquito Control Insecticide Sales

Mosquitoes are notorious for being a nuisance pest generally during the summer season. However, control of mosquitoes extends beyond just personal care, and is an integral aspect of global public health safety, as these small insects are vectors of many deadly diseases. The 2015 outbreak of the Zika virus in South America, Central America, and the United States galvanized countries to increase vector control measures to quickly reduce mosquito populations. In 2019, another disease outbreak is anticipated, as many Southeast Asian countries have reported a higher incidence of Dengue fever. India, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia are all increasing protection measures. Insecticide sales for mosquito control are evaluated to be USD 200 million from seven major countries, including these four in Southeast Asia, as profiled in Kline’s just published Mosquito Control study.  To learn about key marketing insights, REGISTER for our complimentary webinar, taking place on October 30, 2019.Continue reading

Live Webinar – Global Trends in Lubricant Additives

Lubricant quality continues to improve, driven by regulations for fuel economy and emissions control. China has released their China VI emission standard for 2021, and India plans to skip Stage V and jump directly to Bharat Stage VI emission standard by 2020. These factors create new business and growth opportunities and challenges for the lubricant additive industry. Join our live webinar on Wednesday September 25Continue reading

Intimate and CBD Beauty Products

The Takeover by Intimate and CBD Beauty

With a multitude of new brands entering the beauty space, some indie brands are beginning to recognize underserved gaps in the market. These innovative brands target segments such as intimate beauty or take advantage of the growing acceptance of cannabis products to stand out from traditional marketers. Still, brands are discovering that these topics remain slightly controversial and strive to promote conversations regarding the trends.Continue reading

Bright Forecasts Seen for Industrial Surfactants Globally

While HI&I cleaning and personal care applications are relatively well-defined, mapped, and known markets, industrial applications are more complex and fragmented.  A variety of industrial applications in which surfactants may not be a focus for surfactant suppliers is causing a lower degree of rivalry.  The market itself is very fragmented with few larger applications, such as food, crop protection, and lubricants, and many mid-sized and smaller applications. Different end-use applications have various expectations from consumers and unmapped driving forces. Kline’s in-progress report will assist industrial surfactants suppliers by providing them with a clear picture of the market.Continue reading

Professional Hair Care

Healthier Hair at the Epicenter of the Salon Industry

Our recently published Salon Hair Care Global Series shows another year of robust growth for the industry that already accounts for over $14 billion globally. This is driven in part by products focused on care and treatment.

Shampoos and conditioners lead the way with over 4% growth in 2018, with treatments at the forefront of this increase. A large part of treatments is dedicated to restoring hair health from the damage caused by chemical procedures, especially hair coloring, as well as the extensive use of hot tools.Continue reading

Many questions about CBD use for health and wellness – Kline report provides insights on consumers’ perceptions of CBD

There is much hype surrounding consumer-use cannabidiol (CBD) for health and wellness. There are hundreds of companies marketing tons of products; however, there is little consumer education or advertising, along with very nebulous claims, if any, about what the products will do for those who take them. There is even less information on dosage recommendations or clear labeling to help consumers understand how much CBD is actually contained in oral drops, tinctures, gummies, and other popular forms. In short, there’s lot of buzz surrounding this ingredient but little substance.Continue reading

Save the date for The Changing Face of Beauty Devices!

[WEBINAR] The Changing Face of Beauty Devices

The global beauty devices market continues to grow, however there has been a shift in the regions propelling growth — from the United States and Europe in the initial years of industry development to Asia in recent years. Attend this upcoming webinar on September 11 at 10 AM EST to see how individual country markets are performing and what factors are driving industry growth.Continue reading