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Lubricant Market

Lubricant demand in AME predicted to show 2.5% growth per year

Besides Asia, Africa and the Middle East were the only regions which did not stop growing during the recession. Although their economic growth rates did slow down by 2009, they have since started to pick up again. Despite the fact that AME will not see growth rates commensurate to those of the rapidly expanding markets in Asia, going forward the region is expected to showContinue reading

New Treatments in the Global Nematicide Industry

Nematicide Forecast Promising as Suppliers Innovate to Meet Growers’ Needs

Despite their miniscule size, nematodes are one of the world’s most destructive agricultural pests, causing an estimated $80 billion in crop damage annually. In large part due to their proliferation, the market for nematicide products to control infestations remains robust, although somewhat fluid as formulators work to keep effective products in the marketplace as proven treatments falter due to health and environmental concerns. With a promising market andContinue reading

Rx-to-OTC Switch Forecasting Model

New Data Shows Plenty of Room for Innovators of All Sizes in OTC Market

The over-the-counter drug market is heating up as consumers turn increasingly toward self-medication in an effort to minimize out-of-pocket healthcare costs. With increasing competition from private-label products, blockbuster switches, and somewhat unconventional entries into the OTC drug business, new data reveals that while innovation doesn’t necessarily equate to superb business performance, there is plenty of room for players of all sizes and shapes in the nonprescription drugs market. More…Continue reading