U.S. Fruits and Vegetables Market

Product Loyalty and Satisfaction Run High Amid Moderate Growth in the U.S. Fruits and Vegetables Market

As peak growing season takes root across North America, fruit and vegetable growers remain quite loyal to the products they use to control pests, blight, and weeds and ensure a bumper crop. However, new data straight from the fields shows that suppliers should remain keenly aware of exactly what customers are looking for in order to maintain high satisfaction and retain their favored position. Read more…

Global Seed Treatment

The Seeds of Change – Global Seed Treatment Market Exceeds $2.6 Billion.

As the fastest growing segment of the agricultural input industry, the $2.6 billion global seed treatment market continues to be recognized as a cost-effective and environmentally favorable means of increasing crop productivity according to Kline’s imminent Seed Treatment Global Series: Market Analysis and Opportunities report.

Technology and licensing fees of genetically engineered seed traits have further significantly increased the cost of seed, consequently growers are much motivated to reduce seeding rates and encourage greater efficiency to reduce costs. Continue reading

U.S. Crop Protection Chemical Distributors in 2011

Stellar Year for U.S. Crop Protection Chemical Distributors in 2011 with Positive Outlook Ahead

The U.S. crop protection chemical industry experienced a 6.9% increase in the net distributor sales level during 2011, according to the recent report Leading Distributors in the U.S. Crop Protection Industry: A Strategic Market Analysis by global consulting and research firm Kline & Company. Tracking the U.S. crop protection industry, the research focuses on the top 16 distributors that collectively drive over 90% of the U.S. market.Continue reading

Agrow Award for Best Supporting Role

Kline wins Agrow Award for Best Supporting Role

Last night at the Marriott Hotel in London there was a prestigious awards ceremony to honor corporate and individual excellence in the crop protection and production industry. Kline won the 2011 Agrow Award for ‘best supporting role’, i.e. best service provider to the industry. Our submission is attached. We were in good company, with Dow Chemical winning the award for the Best Novel Agricultural Biotechnology category.

This is great recognition of our positioning and offerings both on the KMC and KMR sides of our business, with many people contributing to our success. Well done, everyone! We’re now going to figure out how to leverage this to maximize our exposure in the industry.

Seed Treatments Expected To Surge

Seed Treatments Expected To Surge

Because of its critical role at the heart of any crop farming endeavor, the seed remains perhaps the most vulnerable link in the agricultural input category. The importance of protecting this vital component has spurred a booming market for seed treatment technologies designed to give crops the best possibleContinue reading