Nikola Matic Cosmetics Barcelona

Market Trends: Nikola Matic at in-cosmetics Barcelona

Recently at in-cosmetics Barcelona, Nikola Matic, Kline’s Chemicals and Materials Project Manager, delivered the presentation Opportunities in Skin Care: Exploring Specialty Actives where he shared insights gleaned from Kline’s latest findings: Specialty Actives in Personal Care: Multi-Regional Market Analysis and Opportunities. These included the significant drivers and trends behind the growing ubiquity of specialty actives and how multifarious consumer demands are shaping the market and affording formulators ever greater opportunities.

Shortly afterwards, Matic was interviewed by Michelle Yeomans on behalf of William Reed Business Media. Watch this short, but informative interview here.

Read Matic’s incisive article Does the Consumer Drive Actives  Development? here.

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Direct Sales BRIC Markets

Direct Sales Deliver Big Beauty Bucks for Multifaceted BRIC Markets

With the ongoing efforts of beauty companies to create sales opportunities outside of the United States, we set out to see just exactly what makes the BRIC markets of Brazil, Russia, China, and India tick. We wanted to hone in on the purchase channel that we felt epitomized the growth of these markets and found that the direct sales channel was the one to explore.

The direct sales channel in BRIC markets outpaced the worldwide beauty sales growth of a 4.7% compound annual growth rate from 2006 through 2011 by more than double.Continue reading

Skin Care in Barcelona

Skin Care: A Beauty Spot in Barcelona – Nikola Matic on the Specialty Actives Market

Kline’s Nikola Matic, drawing upon many years of extensive and international market-research, will be at in-cosmetics Barcelona on April 17, 2012 where he’ll share timely specialty actives insights and trends gleaned from Kline’s recently published report Specialty Actives in Personal Care 2011: Multi-Regional Market Analysis and Opportunities.

Within the specialty actives market, consumers are often the trend-setters. A growing consumer understanding of active ingredients in personal care products driven by extensive media coverage is compelling active ingredients manufacturers to innovate. Continue reading

Clarisonic Cleanser - A Logical Choice

L’Oréal Acquires Clarisonic – A Logical Choice

The recent news of L’Oréal’s acquisition of Pacific Bioscience Laboratories, Inc., the marketer of Clarisonic, comes as no surprise to us at Kline. L’Oréal has a long and solid history of growing its business by acquiring and developing dynamic brands… Matrix, Kiehl’s, Skinceuticals, and Essie, just to name a few. L’Oréal is a leader in the global and U.S. beauty market; it has deep pockets; and is quick to act on market trends. The firm is also reporting solid financial results against the backdrop of a tough economy, with its first three quarters of 2011 up 5.1% on a like-for-like basis. The acquisition will also help bolster L’Oréal’s position in skin care in the U.S., which is relatively weak compared to its global standing.Continue reading

Beauty Retailing: U.S. Channel Analysis and Opportunities

Traditional Beauty Retailers: Take a lesson from alternate channels.

Alternate retail channels are white hot in the beauty business, having grown sales nearly $1 billion since 2005. Instead of trying to figure out how to compete, traditional bricks-and-mortar brands should take a page from the alternate channel playbook and leverage these new opportunities to reach customers at their new favorite place to shop: at home.

Sales of cosmetic and toiletry products through alternate channels have exploded over the last five years, fueling a 5.2% growth in direct sales that is outpacing the total market more than three-fold. While conventional person-to-person sales are declining gradually since 2005, multi-media driven channels have snapped up sales, with e-commerce growing by more than 26%, home shopping networks up nearly 20%, and infomercials posting just over 17% growth. This upward trend is expected to continue as mobile technologies, social media, and online deal-hunting converge to help bricks-and-mortar and direct sales-only retailers reach a wider, more diverse, and engaged audience.Continue reading

Advanced Technologies in Personal Care Formulations

WEBINAR Specialty Actives and Delivery Systems in Personal Care 2011: Europe Market Analysis and Opportunities

Join us for an insightful presentation focused on the European market for specialty actives and delivery systems in the personal care industry!
We would like to invite you to hear Anna Ibbotson, Kline’s Industry Manager in the Chemicals & Materials practice, discuss current trends in the European market for specialty actives and delivery systems in the personal care industry. The web-presentation will be followed by a live question and answer session.
Anna Will Share: Continue reading
Cosmoprof North America 2011

My visit to Cosmoprof North America 2011

Cosmoprof North America started out with a bang. My colleague Kristy Altenburg and I first hit TIGI’s “Candy Fixations” party where we enjoyed some yummy candy-inspired cocktails and left with goodie bags filled with TIGI’s latest sugarlicious launches (thanks TIGI!). We then headed over to the Professional Beauty Association (PBA)’s Get Together Party where everyone comes together to meet and greet.

Sunday morning the PBA Symposium kicked off with a keynote address by Stedman Graham. I was a bit star struck the day earlier when I bumped into Stedman (yes, Oprah’s man!) while checking in to the hotel.Continue reading