High touch surfaces are prime breeding grounds for virus and bacteria

Clean Hands and Surfaces Help Commercial End Users Maintain Hygienic Facilities

The 2017-2018 cold and flu season has been unusually bad, and consumers and businesses know that clean hands and surfaces are crucial in staying healthy and maintaining hygienic facilities. Consumers understand the important role hand hygiene plays in maintaining good health. Awareness about frequent hand washing as a tool to prevent infection and the spread of disease is widespread. High touch surfaces, such as door handles, hand rails, elevator buttons, and shopping carts, are prime breeding grounds for virus and bacteria, and most facilities use sanitizing wipes to clean such surfaces regularly.

Foam hand soaps are very popular as are instant hand sanitizers. The availability of instant hand sanitizers in public places, such as retailers, recreational facilities, and schools, is widely prevalent. According to Kline’s last published study on Industrial and Institutional Hand Care, instant hand sanitizers continue to gain market share and experience healthy growth of over 5% due to the convenience they offer in maintaining hand hygiene in the absence of soap and water. Foam hand soaps are also growing over 7% with frequent hand washing prevalent among commercial end uses.

Bar soaps are losing market share due to the growing popularity of other products forms, such as liquid and foam hand soaps and instant hand sanitizers. However, there is still a demand for premium-priced bar soaps for use at lodging establishments.

Industrial and Institutional Cleaning Wipes is another study published periodically by Kline, and the last edition of that report shows that sales of wipes are increasing a rapid rate over 5% per year, on average. Fitness facilities, health clubs, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities are heavy users of such wipes and are driving much of the sales gains. The substantial growth of wipes is driven by the strong performance of disinfectant and sanitizer wipes and general-purpose cleaning wipes, which are used more often by end users for regular cleaning applications. Growth of disposable wipes can be attributed to the need for high standards of hygiene across industrial and institutional facilities and the superior convenience they offer.
Kline is a consulting and research firm that specializes in market studies for the industrial and institutional cleaning sector. By combining market research with suppliers and distributors along with large-scale structured research with commercial end users, our reports offer comprehensive market analysis and insights. Kline is planning to publish updates to both Industrial and Institutional Hand Care and Wipes reports in 2018.

About the reports:
Industrial & Institutional Hand Care. This report analyzes the U.S. away-from-home hand care market based on structured with hundreds end users. VIEW BROCHURE >

Industrial and Institutional Wipes assesses key trends, changes, and challenges in nine end-use segments and 10 product categories. VIEW BROCHURE >

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