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Wipes Remain Key to Keeping Facilities Safe from COVID

Demand for cleaning wipes is increasing as the COVID-19 pandemic continues and a new variant of the virus penetrates the United States.  

“With the increased cleaning frequency across the board at industrial and institutional facilities, disposable wipes have proven to not only be an effective tool for cleaning professionals, but a convenient one,” says Laura Mahecha, Industry Manager of I&I Cleaning at Kline & Company. “We have also seen increased usage of wipes at public-facing facilities, such as retailers, where consumers use wipes to clean shopping cart handles; restaurants, where patrons clean tabletops before use; and schools, where students wipe their desks. Wipes help reassure consumers that facilities are clean and allow them to be active participants in keeping facilities clean.”  

I&I cleaning wipes are a rapidly growing market segment that has grown even faster during the COVID-19 pandemic. Professional end users rely on disposable wipes due to their ease of use, convenience, and ability to disinfect/sanitize. As a part of our comprehensive research on this segment for Industrial & Institutional Cleaning Wipes: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities, we are currently executing a survey of commercial end users to capture insights and understand changes in wipes usage, spending, and purchasing channels due to the pandemic. It is crucial for professional cleaning companies to understand the role wipes play in the overall building sanitation and cleaning, how COVID-19 has impacted the segment, and what future opportunities exist. For more information about the I&I Cleaning Wipes study and how it can inform your strategy, contact us.   

About this blog:

Wipes Remain Key to Keeping Facilities Safe from COVID was written by Laura Mahecha, manager of Kline’s Institutional and Industrial Cleaning segment. Mahecha has followed the Industrial & Institutional (I&I), Healthcare, and Consumer Products markets for Kline since 1995; during this time, she has authored and managed multiple studies including market research, analysis, and writing for the I&I industries, OTC pharmaceuticals, consumer products, and nutritional supplements. 

Mahecha’s expertise is utilized in various studies on the I&I and nonprescription drug markets, Rx-to-OTC switch, managed care, competitive analysis, competitor cost structures, innovation analyses, forecasting, janitorial cleaning products, foodservice cleaning products, and laundry cleaning products. She has also contributed to numerous articles and speeches for international and U.S. trade conferences and publications. 

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