The Market for Janitorial Cleaning Products in Europe

Gradual Recovery is Anticipated in the European Janitorial Cleaning Products Market

Over the last few years, the market for janitorial cleaning products in Europe has been showing unstable results, moving from a declining to flat performance. However, according to Kline’s soon to be published study Janitorial Cleaning Products in Europe: Market Analysis and Opportunities, the country markets of Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Spain show an overall growth of 1.6% in 2014. Factors include changing end-user preferences, individual product type characteristics, and the performance of end-use applications and contribute to the market’s growth.

Increasing concerns towards health and well-being maintain end users’ interest in the clean environment. People see sanitizing surfaces and hand care as a necessity for preventing infections and staying healthy. This drives the demand for hard-surface cleaners and hand cleaners and sanitizers, which are now the leading product categories in all five country markets analyzed.

With the increasing life expectancy in Europe and expanding older population, the demand for services provided by hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities is also growing. As a result, these end-use segments are expected to continue to demand more janitorial cleaning products through 2019. The United Kingdom is the leader in both segments with an expected growth of 2.3%.

In terms of product efficiency, end users prefer to use multipurpose products that offer high performance, as well as products or dilution and dispensing systems that help conserve water and cut electricity costs At the same time, the ecological impact of janitorial cleaning chemicals is becoming a growing concern for EU authorities, which results in increasing pressure for eco-sustainability. EU authorities are increasingly pushing suppliers to produce eco-sustainable products under the European Green Public Procurement Criteria (GPP).

The overall competitive landscape in the five countries profiled is fragmented, with a mixture of large international suppliers and local market players vying for market share in Europe. Multinational suppliers, such as Ecolab and Sealed Air/Diversey, employ strategies where these companies sell directly to their largest customers and use distributors to reach smaller end users with their brands. However, there is a growing competition from local manufacturers, such as Dr. Schnell in Germany, Orapi in France, and Zenith in the United Kingdom, as they can now offer more customized products, based specifically on end users’ product needs and preferences.

The market for janitorial cleaning products in all five countries analyzed is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of over 1%, with Germany, the United Kingdom, and France contributing the most to the industry’s sales and growth through 2019 due to their better abilities to recover from the global economic downturn.

Learn more about the factors driving the janitorial cleaning products market in Europe and how your business can utilize this knowledge in strategic marketing planning from our complementary webinar Janitorial Cleaning Products: What Drives the European Market?


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