In-depth analysis of the manufacturing aspects of the synthetic latex polymers industry through the interactive tools. The mapping tool helps identifying production plants globally. The cost analysis tool is a manufacturing cost calculator. SEE THE TOOLS IN ACTION. REQUEST A DEMO

Synthetic latex polymers capacity map and cost analysis tool


Synthetic Latex Polymers: Capacity and Manufacturing Economics Assessment provides two interactive tools to analyze the synthetic latex polymers manufacturing industry.

The Cost Analysis Tool enables the analysis of production margins for different manufacturing plants for the base year and over the forecast period. This tool will allow conducting a "what-if" analysis based on different factors specific to the manufacturing of polymer chemistries, such as plant capacity, regional location, and various fixed and production costs.

synthetic latext polymers capacity map

The Global Capacity Map is an interactive map that shows worldwide location coverage for the manufacturing capacities of the five synthetic latex polymers.


The synthetic latex polymer chemistries covered in the scope of this study are:

  • Pure acrylics
  • PVAc
  • Styrene acrylics
  • VAE
  • X-SB

This study provides the production managers, CTOs, and directors within polymer manufacturing companies an in-depth understanding of the synthetic latex polymers industry's status in terms of its manufacturing and supply. It enables subscribers to assess the positioning of their manufacturing businesses and that of their competitors in the three main regions for each of the polymer chemistries. It will allow subscribers to better exploit the identified production opportunities in the industry and make well-informed strategic decisions