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Powering Strategic
Decision Making

What separates us from the expansive landscape of AI and forecasting professionals is our ability to leverage:

  • More than 60 + years of Industry Expertise
  • Predictive Analytic Specialists that build market leading data
  • Forward-looking and data-driven insights in our core industries – chemicals, beauty and wellbeing and energy

Fact-Based Predictions,
Unbiased Outputs

Using some really funky data science, like Bayesian recursion, we are able to fuse together our domain expertise to test, refine and obtain ultraprecise market predictions including:

  • Consumer purchasing power
  • NPD & innovation
  • Search & purchasing intent
  • Consumer sentiment & motivation

High-Impact Learnings,
Customized By You

We know forecast veracity is scrutinized extensively. Our predictive models are tested from both theoretical and practical viewpoints to ensure that the predictions are as robust as possible, with results feeding back into algorithms in a closed learning loop. This includes:
  • Theoretical error: Statistical techniques are applied to decipher the theoretical error terms of the predicted data, with continual refinement to reach high levels of accuracy. 
  • Real-world comparison: Historical predictions are compared against observed data and short-term future predictions, as well as measured against industry expert expectations, to test their real-world success. 
  • Quality control: Quality checks, including trend analysis and cross-country validation, are undertaken by a dedicated team. Feedback is provided to the domain experts for further enhancement. 
  • Industry expertise: Predictions are further reviewed and refined by industry experts, considering hard-to-predict events, such as legislation changes or key company marketing campaigns. 
  • Scenario planning: Revising future parameter values provides updated market forecasts based on correlated relationships. 
Kline offers industry-leading forecasting services designed to provide accurate predictions and insights to brand owners who seek to stay ahead of the competition.