Kline’s Digital Transformation

Kline has made a purposeful transformation of its organization – without letting go of what sets us apart from the world of information providers – our industry expertise. We take considerable pride in being the go-to consultancy and market research firm in the specific industry spaces we proudly own – lubricants and petroleum specialties, specialty chemicals, and professional beauty. Our industry experts are elevated by the addition of our data innovation and technology team – with the combined forces providing clients with predictive analytics and insights that are highly targeted, relevant, and accurate. In sum, in a complex world with unending information to consider, we help our clients to be better equipped to manage challenges and opportunities by separating the insights from the noise.

‘It’s About Survival’: Why Kline’s Innovation VP Says Digital Transformation Is Key

“Digital.” “Big data.” “Analytics.”

Kline & Co.’s Vice President of Digital Innovation Francis Taloen says those aren’t just buzzwords. In an in-depth Q&A, he explains why it’s crucial to understand and truly define those terms – plus, he shares what Kline has done to further its evolution, what lies ahead, and why digital transformation is really about “survival.”

The Desire to Innovate, And a Resident Math Whiz, Are Shaping Kline’s Digital Evolution

Kline & Company’s digital team is breaking new ground, with an ample assist from its new head of Predictive Analytics Center of Excellence, Max Kaye. And if you ask the London native, he’ll tell you that his innovative ideas – along with an affinity for algorithms – first began when he was just seven years old.

Talent Acquisition:
Kline Analyst Academy

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Kline launched its first Analyst Academy in July 2022, led by Innovation VP Francis Taloen and Director of Forecasting and Predictive Services, Max Kaye, doing so with the recognition that the human side of analytics is the biggest challenge to implementing big data. This annual influx of new data talent is supporting the growing need for collaboration between our industry experts, technology innovators, data providers, and analytical companies. The Kline Analyst Academy demonstrates Kline’s readiness for change, and we are privileged to be able to welcome such exceptional, talented individuals to our firm.