Holiday Retail Beauty Tour

How Retailers Adapted Holiday Shopping During the Pandemic

The coronavirus crisis has forever changed the way consumers shop. Retailers have been challenged to find new ways to connect with consumers as well as reposition their offerings to stay relevant during the world crisis. E-commerce saw an explosive growth, while essential products, such as liquid hand soaps, sanitizers, and deodorants, took center stage, registering unprecedented increase.

Key macro trends seen in the previous years, such as wellness and sustainability, have been amplified as the rise in stay-at-home orders shifted consumers’ values. Self-care, a term often associated with the prevention of getting sick, gained new meaning and tapped into beauty as consumers took greater interest in their beauty routines.​

How did these shifts affect the holiday shopping experience? What are some of the key changes that occurred across retailers? To keep you abreast of their initiatives, we had the opportunity to check key retailers in the United States. Download our Holiday Beauty Retail Tour presentation as we highlight important dynamics for each.

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