Industrial & Institutional Cleaning Wipes

Impact of COVID-19 on I&I Cleaning Wipes

Surface disinfecting and sanitizing and hand cleaning are areas of the industrial and institutional cleaning wipes segment that have experienced strong gains due to the outbreak of COVID-19  but, still, they have faced challenges. 

Among the hurdles: supply chain challenges, sustainability concerns surrounding disposal and degradation of wipes, and the relatively high price point of wipes compared to traditional cleaning products and paper towels or rags.   

Wipes are a preferred form because of their ease-of-use, convenience, and good results.  Leading brands in this segment include Clorox, Ecolab, Lysol, Kimberly-Clark, GOJO/Purell, 3M, Georgia Pacific, Diversey, Diamond, Tork/Essity, PDI/Sani Professional, Contec, 2XL, and ITW Pro Brands.   

In addition to keeping hands clean, wipes are an important tool used to disinfect and sanitize high-touch surfaces including door handles, shopping cart handles, hand rails, and elevator buttons.   

This summer, Kline will kick off new research on I&I Cleaning Wipes with hundreds of end-use decision makers to understand the role wipes play in the fight against COVID-19, when and where wipes are used to disinfect and sanitize buildings, and what opportunities exist in the future.  This new report will be published in Q4 2021 and will provide market size, segmentation, and growth for 2021, with detailed forecasts through 2026.  For more information, contact us.

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