Professional Nail Care, Beauty Devices, and Male Grooming Markets

Kick Off the New Year with Kline’s Exclusive Webinars Covering the Professional Nail Care, Beauty Devices, and Male Grooming Markets

The beauty industry sees out 2012 retaining its radiance, but revealing differing strengths across various markets and segments. The two niche market segments, in particular, boasting highly encouraging double-digit growth, should be on everyone’s watch list.

Nearly 27% growth globally in 2012 is estimated on the professional nail care market, according to Kline’s upcoming Professional Nail Care: Global Market Brief. This bourgeoning market has enjoyed the popularity injection with the introduction of over 30 important new gel-brands in the past two years, consequently raising gel products recognition. Nail bars, which have sprouted in big U.S. cities, have also grown on popularity in Europe. In the United States, and more frequently in Australia, salons are offering little girls and teens “nail parties,” as a novel and increasingly successful take on girls’ birthday parties. Nail this bourgeoning market down – REGISTER FOR WEBINAR.

The at-home beauty devices market posts robust growth of over 19% in the United States and nearly 20% growth globally in 2012, according to Kline’s Beauty Devices: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities report. Within the at-home beauty devices market, sales are being largely driven by higher-end devices with price-points of $150.00+ in the United States. While multi-faceted devices are not the standard in the United States, they appear to be the norm in Asia. Devices such as the NuFace Trinity, which allow for interchangeable heads to be used for multiple treatments, are expected to be a big hit with the consumers in 2013. Find the major differences on the U.S., European, and Chinese beauty devices markets from the insightful webinar – REGISTER FOR WEBINAR.

With sales increased by almost 4% in 2012 globally the male grooming market returns to a growth path. Kline’s new global edition Male Grooming Market: Global Market Brief appended with global consumer research section, reveals that the highest growth comes from the Asian market (China, India, and South Korea), followed by the United States. As of 2012, Europe is the leading region in male grooming products sales with an estimated 35% global market share. Learn about global male grooming products trends – REGISTER FOR WEBINAR.

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