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ICE Vehicle Ban Forces Change

The recent EU decision to ban ICE vehicles across the 27-country bloc by 2035 took many in the industry by surprise and has left others scrambling. Several U.S. states (at this writing California, New York, and Washington) have followed suit. The need to decarbonize is critical, and it can’t be accomplished without major involvement of the transportation industry. And, because the mobility space is moving so quickly, industry players need to transform their thinking and approach to strategy.

Adopting a strategic approach to mobility planning has never been more important, with consideration given to the broader environment. For example, OEMs will decide which technology is going to dominate engine design. Regulators decide whether cities are going to be walkable or how many licenses they are going to give to shared mobility operators. These are examples of some of the factors that need to be regularly monitored. For industry participants, particularly those sitting in the middle of the value chain, there is a definite level of risk taking, the need to try different projects and technologies, and to be ready to pivot based on those developments.

Source: Kline & Company research.

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Consulting Experience

Examples of our automotive and mobility consulting experience are provided below. Please contact us to learn more about our project work and capabilities.

  • Strategy support: support development of robotics market strategy in China (global lubricants company)
  • Market intelligence: high level assessment of automotive component market in China
  • Pricing & margin management: assessment of pricing information for select regions in Malaysia
  • Market intelligence: strategic sourcing of automotive grade urea (lubricants company)
  • Market intelligence: EV charging research (lubricant supplier)
  • Strategy support: impact of electrification on lubricants demand (Philippines electric mobility)
  • Technology & innovation: EV ecosystem and OEM research (global lubricants supplier)
  • Market intelligence: development of lubricant demand model for trucks and buses (China)
  • Market intelligence: automotive OEM acoustics needs in Europe (chemical company)
  • Strategy support: EV strategy review and support (major oil producer)
  • Manufacturing & supply chain: competitive assessment of select steel cord manufacturing plants (tire manufacturer)
  • Market intelligence: automotive OEM coatings market update – Europe (leading chemical company)
  • Market intelligence: analysis of factory fill lubricants select automotive OEMs

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