I. This order represents a binding commitment to purchase the information detailed in the description at the price indicated [the “Information”].

II. Unless otherwise indicated, you agree to be invoiced for the full amount upon execution of this agreement by you.

III. Unless otherwise stated, such payment will be due immediately.


I. For a period of three years after its date of issue [the “Restriction Period”], the client will:
a. Restrict circulation of the information to employees of its corporation, to subsidiaries and joint ventures in which the corporation holds more than a 50% interest, or to any parent organization that holds more than a 50% interest in its firm [“Authorized Users”].
b. Use all reasonable precautions to prevent the disclosure of its contents to any other persons or organizations.
However, the client may use or disclose any information that is public knowledge, which was already
in its possession before receipt of the information , or that comes from third parties independently of this information.

II. By purchasing the information, in any form, each authorized user is permitted to use it as reference material regarding the client’s own business, in the following ways:
a. Download and store one copy on one electronic storage device.
b. To print one copy for ease of reference.

III. During the restriction period, the client will not, without the expressed written consent of Kline & Company:
a. Provide, by electronic means or otherwise, access to the information or any of its contents to any unauthorized users, including but not limited to, outside consultants, legal, financial, investment or other advisors, bankers, or media outlets.
b. Post or distribute the information or any part thereof on any non-corporate network, electronic or otherwise, including, but not limited to, the Internet, or otherwise publish, broadcast, or display the same in any public forum.
c. Systematically make multiple copies, electronic or otherwise, of extracts from the content.
d. Alter, abridge, or modify the contents or wording of this information for any purpose other than the permitted use by an authorized user.
e. Remove or alter the copyright notices or other disclaimers as they appear when distributed to
authorized users.
f. Offer the information for resale.
g. Upload the content, or any part thereof, to any database or server.

IV. Kline & Company similarly agrees that it will use all reasonable precautions to prevent the disclosure of the information to any person or organizations other than its subscribers and their authorized users for three years after its date of issue.