We mainly focus on specialty chemicals, including raw materials for personal care, raw materials for pharmaceuticals, specialty biocides, and other products. We also work on research for specialty polymers and materials, including synthetic latex polymers.

Our webinars are designed to provide key insights into market data on given topics, and to help customers familiarize themselves with our report contents.

Enhance Your Specialty Actives Business

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March 2, 2017

With the growing demand for efficacy and the high functionality of personal care products, biofunctional active ingredients have become a key component of cosmetic formulations. This complementary webinar will focus on the market particularities in Brazil, China, Europe, and the United States, paying special attention to end-user preferences, industry regulations, recent M&A deals, and technical and market trends.

Synthetic Latex Polymers China Market Landscape

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September 27, 2016

China is the second largest market for synthetic latex polymers globally after North America. Attractive market conditions, such as strong GDP growth, which is considerably higher compared to developed world, low industry regulations, and stability in raw material prices, appeal to multinational corporations and domestic suppliers, increasing the market rivalry dramatically.

Industrial Surfactants: US and Europe

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September 20, 2016

Changing performance requirements from end-use applications, intensifying rivalry from new suppliers offering specialized niche products, and changing industry regulations are just some of the issues affecting the suppliers in this 4 billion+ market for industrial surfactants in Europe and the United States.The growth potential in these two markets is highly dependent on the end-use application and surfactant considered. This presentation will focus on the products that post solid gains, and those that decline in market share and value due to application-related factors.