We focus on healthcare products sold through all channels of distribution, including OTC pharmaceuticals, Rx-to-OTC switches, and more. Our studies are ideal for manufacturers, marketers, retailers and suppliers who are seeking a deeper understanding of their industry.

Our webinars are designed to provide key insights into market data on given topics, and to help customers familiarize themselves with our report contents.

Nonprescription Drugs USA 2013

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June 2014

Join Laura Mahecha, Kline’s Healthcare Industry Manager, for an insightful presentation on our soon-to-be-published Nonprescription Drugs USA report. Driven primarily by brands like, J&J and Novartis who made a comeback, new OAB OTC category created by Merck with the launch of Oxytrol for Women and increased ad spending, the U.S. OTC market has seen solid gains in 2013. Among the most important factors that influenced the market growth are strong gains for lower priced private-label OTCs as well as low levels of innovation.

Natural OTCs and Private-label OTCs Thrive in 2010 Webinar

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July 2011

In the nonprescription drugs market, it was private-label sales that grew astronomically. The convergence of price-conscious consumers and aggressive private-label marketing by mass retailers made these products thrive. What happened in 2010? Did natural OTCs (drug-free) become a new trend? What is the relative size of such products compared to traditional OTCs?

OTC Drugs: U.S. Competitor Cost Structures 2010 Webinar

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September 2010

This webinar provides an overview of key insights on the financial performance, profitability, and costs structures of the ten leading OTC companies in the United States for 2008 and 2009. The report was designed to help OTC pharmaceutical companies benchmark their cost structures with those of their competitors.

Rx-to-OTC Switch Forecasts USA 2010

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June 2010

The webinar provides highlights of objective, independent forecasts of future Rx-to-OTC switches and their expected impacts on the OTC market covered in the report. This analysis provides forecasts of future switches in existing OTC categories and projections for new OTC categories.