Growth for the Natural Products Segment Outpaces the General PersonalCare Market by a Landslide

LITTLE FALLS, NJ, October 23, 2008– Karen Doskow, Kline Consumer Products Expert, presented at the conference on organic and natural products Ride the Next Natural/Organic Wave held in the New York Hilton Hotel this week. This conference and exhibition focused on the regulatory issues for packaging and product claims, technology surrounding this market, and the next wave of new ingredients and areas of focus, as seen in three all natural/organic tracks with almost 50 sessions and 40 corporate exhibits.

In the seminar Growth of the Natural Market for Beauty Products commencing day one of the conference with an attendance of almost 100 people, Doskow explained why this market holds a very high level of appeal to marketers of cosmetic and toiletry products. She also examined the competitive climate for these products and defined what products are truly natural and why.

“For a long time, natural products have been the domain of health and organic food stores––niche retailers with a core group of loyal customers. Naturals are now becoming commonplace in the aisles of national chain grocery and discount stores like Wal-Mart and Target. This will have a major impact on the competitive landscape of the personal care market,” Doskow advised.

Research from Kline’s Natural Personal Care 2008: Competitive Brand Assessment and Ingredient Analysis report indicates that the outlook for natural personal care remains healthy throughout 2013, with double-digit growth expected to continue at a rate of 13.2% on average annually, pushing the market to $11.7 billion in retail sales for both natural-inspired and truly natural products. Growth for the natural products segment outpaces the general personal care market by a landslide in 2007. Doskow went on to depict how the general U.S. market grew by 3% in sharp contrast to the naturals’ market growth of 13%. Asked if sales growth for the naturals market is truly incremental or simply stealing share away from the general personal care market, Doskow responded that it was probably a combination of both factors.

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