Increasing Safety Concerns Boost Consumption of Biocides according to Kline

LITTLE FALLS, NJ, May 12, 2009 – Growth in safety concerns for both consumers and livestock breeders is one of the factors driving consumption of biocides in animal biosecurity applications in Europe, according to the latest research in Specialty Biocides 2008: A Global Series of Regional Market Analyses from worldwide consulting and research firm Kline & Company.

Animal breeding is one of the leading activities within agriculture and an important biocidal products’ user, especially within poultry and pork breeding. Building disinfection represents a significant part of the biocides volumes used in animal biosecurity.

Consumption of specialty biocides at the supplier level in animal biosecurity sector is valued at just over €7 million. On a value basis, glutaraldehyde is the leading biocide product, accounting for nearly one-third of the total market value.

“Despite growth in Europe tracking at around 3%, there are a lot of strong growth drivers influencing this market,” comments Anna Ibbotson, Chemicals & Materials Industry manager at Kline. “For example, continuous consolidation to create larger, more industrialized farms—particularly in Eastern Europe—and increased awareness and concern over animal safety. Consumers’ continuously growing awareness about safety issues such as BSE, avian flu, and most recently swine flu act as catalysts for the growth of this industry.”

“In the animal biosecurity sector, the use of biocides is the most effective preventive way of reaching microbiological safety, and therefore the one which will be privileged against curative antibiotics in the long-term, to make possible the co-existence of two rather opposite necessities in modern breeding—intensive breeding rate and microbiologically safe animal environment,” adds Nikola Matic, Chemicals & Materials Industry, senior analyst at Kline.

Regulatory pressure is a driving factor for the overall specialty biocides market in Europe. Although the overall market appears rather stable, product replacement and switching is occurring due to the impact of the Biocidal Products Directive (BPD).

Kline’s Specialty Biocides 2008: A Global Series of Regional Market Analyses presents an overview of market developments and regulatory issues in each regional market and provides estimated consumption of biocides by volume and value according to end-use application, as well as a five-year outlook.

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