Insect Repellents Continue to Lead Growth in Consumer Pesticides and Fertilizers Market

LITTLE FALLS, NJ, October 6, 2006 – The U.S. consumer market for pesticides and fertilizers has grown by approximately 5% a year over the past two years. A portion of this growth is attributable to rising petroleum costs that have been passed to consumers, resulting in higher fertilizer prices. But a recently published study by Kline & Company reveals that insect repellent sales have supported this consistent growth, even though the buzz surrounding the West Nile virus seems to have let up, at least temporarily.

Insect repellents remain the leading growth category in the consumer market segment, according to the 2006 edition of CONSUMER MARKETS FOR PESTICIDES & FERTILIZERS USA, even with the decrease in publicity about the dangers of West Nile virus. Much of the growth in this category came from products such as citronella candles and coils, rather than sprays or lotions.

“With less emphasis on West Nile, much of the sales growth is coming more from outdoor treatments rather than on-skin applications, as in the past,” says Dennis Fugate, industry manager for the Specialty Pesticides practice of Kline’s research division.

At the same time, Fugate notes that higher costs passed through to the consumer account for much of the growth in fertilizers segment, reported by Kline’s study at nearly 15% from 2003 to 2005.

The top three companies in the fertilizer market together hold more than 80% of market share with Scotts and Spectrum Brands dominating. Pet insecticides remain the leading individual product category among those examined by Kline, due to continued growth in flea and tick products sold by veterinarians.

Kline’s study shows that growth in the outdoor lawn and garden segment is primarily in the ready-to-use categories such as hose-end applications of insecticide and herbicide, which have taken some market share away from liquid concentrates and granules.

“Ready-to-use products have gained in popularity, partly because their ease of use gives homeowners more confidence in using them; there’s no measuring of chemicals involved and no rinsate disposal,” says Mancer Cyr, senior associate in Kline’s Specialty Pesticides consulting practice.

CONSUMER MARKETS FOR PESTICIDES & FERTILIZERS USA 2006 is the 15th edition of Kline & Company’s continuing analysis of the consumer segment of the pesticides and fertilizer industries. It examines product and company developments and provides detailed estimates on market size and competitor shares by product category. The study also covers market trends and opportunities and discusses consumer buying patterns.

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