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Kline Forecasts a CAGR of 4% through 2023 for the Production Animal Health Pest Control Market

PARSIPPANY, NJ – February 13, 2019 – A top priority for all animal farmers is ensuring their animals are in good health—it’s essential to global food safety, as well as quality. To maintain animal health, farmers need to control pests that could be potential disease carriers. The global market insect and rodent control products have an estimated value of more than USD 630 million across 12 key countries profiled in Kline’s Pest Control in Production Animal Health report.

Brazil and the United States are the two largest country markets, accounting for 60% of global sales. These countries have large animal production systems and are important exporters for the global meat industry, particularly beef and poultry. The beef production industry is the largest segment for global pest control, accounting for more than 40% of total sales. Other segments profiled in the study are dairy, poultry, sheep, and hog. Among the various insects studied, flies rank as the number one species that must be treated. Flies are dangerous, as they are contaminants that spread diseases, such as salmonella and E. coli.

Elanco, which recently acquired Novartis, is the leading company in the fly control market globally with sales of over 14% of the total in 2017. It is followed by Bayer. The leading suppliers vary from country to country. For instance, Ourofino is the leading supplier of pest control products for animal production in Brazil, and Jingsu Yangnong (Youth) is the leading company in China.

Farmers can choose from numerous types of treatment controls available, directly targeting either the animal itself or the habitation area. Generally, animal-based treatments can range from epidermal treatments that prevent skin irritation and rashes to ear tags, injectables, and feed treatments that can also protect against both internal and external pests. On-animal-based pest control treatments are the leading type used in the segment, with products such as sprays, pour-on, foggers, and dips accounting for almost 70% of product sales. Cypermethrin, including alpha-cypermethrin, beta-cypermethrin, and zeta-cypermethrin, is the leading active ingredient used in fly and pest control products globally.

Results from Kline’s survey of animal producers in the United States found their pest control usage over the past two years has remained consistent. However, the few cultural changes expected in the next two years include use of more combination products, use of more chemical rotation, and greater emphasis on sanitation.

Non-animal treatments tend to target the hygiene of the animals’ common living areas, from manure treatment to prevent maggots appearing to bait and premise sprays. “Another minor but also significant aspect for farmers to control are rodents,” notes Aneesa Moolla, Project Lead at Kline’s Agrochemicals Practice. “Rats and mice are the major rodent species that can be found in animal farms, as they are attracted to the animal feeds. Since rodents also carry diseases, farmers would also conduct controls to prevent contamination to farm animals. Standard rodenticides, such as anticoagulant baits and traps, are the most-used products.”

The market is expected to have steady growth over the next five years. This growth will be driven by several major trends, including increasing demand for meat, favored by demographic changes, or new threats to health due to the spread of infectious animal diseases. The CAGR for the total global market is expected to be a solid 4% over the next five years. Brazil is expected to maintain market dominance, while China and Argentina are expected to have high growth potential.

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Pest Control in Production Animal Health: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities examines 12 key country markets for pesticides focusing on animal health.

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