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Optimizing the Beauty Omnichannel: NYX’s Success Story

NYX Cosmetics is a brand that has historically been ahead of its time when speaking about its approach to retail. As a result, this makes the brand a fantastic example of how an omnichannel approach to retailing is necessary in today’s current beauty retail environment.

The brand started off as an e-commerce business, appealing to vloggers before they became mainstream. After help from the digital world and the brand’s appeal became more well-known, NYX Cosmetics continued to launch into different brick-and-mortar mass stores, keeping the brand’s identity alive, even in a new selling format. The brand was also one of the first to adopt a beauty app, merging its e-commerce prowess with a new mobile dexterity. Next, the brand became one of the leaders in the vertically integrated channel by launching over 40 locations of its own stores in the United States during the past two years. According to Kline’s Boutique Beauty Retailers USA report, NYX Cosmetics is one of the fastest growing retailers in the United States, both in terms of sales and door counts. The brand’s stores are filled with digital enhancements to undoubtedly help consumers feel like they have walked into the online savvy brand’s Instagram page rather than a physical store. All of the brand’s touchpoints are seamless extensions of the brand in different formats, helping consumers to enjoy and feel connected to the brand.

Subsequently, the brand has continued to evolve and stay ahead of current times, to be an omni-channel solution for its consumers. Just this week, NYX Cosmetics announced another unique way it would sell new products. The company teamed up with Uber Eats in Los Angeles to deliver its new mochi makeup collection, as well as mochi ice cream from My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream.

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