OTC Contraceptives and Personal Lubricants for OTC feminine products

OTC contraceptives and personal lubricants propel sales gains for OTC feminine products in 2016

The emergency contraceptives segments of the OTC feminine products market, particularly Teva Pharmaceuticals’ Plan B and store brand copies of Plan B, drove significant gains for the otherwise flat category, according to Kline’s just-published Nonprescription Drugs USA 2016 study. Sales of OTC contraceptive products continue to show strong growth in 2016 as a category, driven entirely by steadily expanding consumer awareness, appeal, and accessibility to the relatively new and expanding range of emergency feminine contraceptive products.

The only other area in the OTC feminine products market that sparked sales growth are the K-Y (Reckitt Benckiser) and Astroglide (Biofilm) brands of personal lubricants, which both posted gains driven by increased advertising spending and new product launches. Feminine yeast infection remedies and other products, such as feminine deodorants and itching remedies, experience a flat sales performance in 2016.

An Rx-to-OTC switch of an erectile dysfunction medication would create huge disruption in the OTC feminine products market and could potentially increase sales of personal lubricants and OTC contraceptives. Full analysis of switch likelihood and sales forecasts of Cialis (Eli Lilly/Sanofi), Levitra (Bayer Group), and Viagra (Pfizer) are provided in Kline’s soon-to-be-published Rx-to-OTC Switch Forecasts USA: Next Frontier study.

Kline’s Sexual Wellness: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities provides an in-depth assessment of this highly fragmented, fast-growing, and hard-to-track market.

Kline recently hosted a webinar on Key Issues Trending in the OTC Market. If you would like to request the link to the recording please click here.

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