Best of Pharma Excipients 2021

Pharmaceutical Excipients: Top 5 Picks for 2021

Pharmaceutical excipients play a crucial role in the industry, streamlining the processing of the drug delivery system during its manufacturing, boosting the effectiveness and/or delivery of the drug, and helping to maintain the integrity of the drug during storage. Choosing the correct excipient can reduce manufacturing costs and make all the difference in terms of patient compliance and overall success of the drug. As such, pharmaceutical excipients represent a lucrative market offering a plethora of opportunities.

Through the extensive range of reports and consulting projects we delivered in 2021, we provided a steady stream of valuable insights and information from our experts. Here are five of our best resources: 

Solubility Enhancement Excipients Market Overview

1. Solubility Enhancement Excipients Market Overview​​​​​​

In our latest study on solubility enhancement (SE) excipients, we delve deep into the global SE market. We invite you to take an inside look at these unique technologies — both current and in development — along with the consumption and supply of excipients. Watch video

BIOPHARMACEUTICALS and COVID-19 An Opportunity for Chemical Suppliers

2. Biopharmaceuticals and COVID-19: An Opportunity for Chemical Suppliers

We’ve done a deep dive into the global biopharmaceuticals market and identified the opportunities created by these products for chemicals manufacturers. Want to learn more about the impact of COVID-19 on the growth of specialty chemicals for biologics? Here, we provide different forecast cases of global specialty chemicals for biologics by category and ingredient group. Request access

A Closer Look at the Excipients for Parenteral Formulations Market

3. A Closer Look at the Excipients for Parenteral Formulations Market

There are now many suitors vying for Bayer’s ESP business, which offers solutions that range from killing rodents to maintaining golf courses. Will Bayer’s divestment be a game-changer for the agrochemicals industry? Watch webinar

Empty Hard Capsules What Is the Contrasting Impact of COVID-19 on Regional Markets

4. Empty Hard Capsules: What Is the Contrasting Impact of COVID-19 on Regional Markets?

While the empty hard capsules market, overall, has felt the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, not all regions and segments have been affected identically. Which regional markets have experienced the greatest impact — and how has this influenced capsule demand from contract manufacturing organizations vs. from the brands directly? Find out here. Read more

biologics booster

5. COVID-19 Booster Shots Expected to Boost the Biologics Industry

COVID-19 booster shots are expected to drive demand for certain biologics ingredients and excipients at a faster pace than previously expected, creating new possibilities for a variety of chemical products. Curious about where the greatest opportunities can be found? Read more

If you’re looking for the latest market insights and data, be on the lookout for our 2022 reports here. 

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