Professional Nail Care Market Post-COVID-19

Professional Nail Care: What Has Changed Since COVID?

Despite a difficult year, professional nail care marketers continued to innovate and introduce new products and collections, keeping the market brimming with activity, although at a slower pace than in previous years. 

Their focus mainly shifted toward the following key areas: 

1. Covering shortages of hand sanitizers  

With the onset of the pandemic, established professional nail care marketers such as Orly International, Coty, and Young Nails were some of the first few to help patch the shortage by retooling production lines to manufacture hand sanitizers.  

2. Forging ahead with nail enhancements 

Nail enhancement continued to see success, with CND and Red Iguana being the latest to join the builder in a bottle bandwagon in 2020. CND’s Plexigel is a brush-in-a-bottle nail enhancement with self-leveling formula to shape, build, and protect nails, while Red Iguana’s Builder Gels products line is self-leveling, with a medium-thick viscosity, and cures in 60 seconds under an LED lamp. 

CND Plexigel

3. Luring consumers with seasonal and limited-edition collections 

The majority of marketers continued to actively introduce seasonal and limited-edition collections throughout the year. OPI introduced a variety of seasonal collections including Shine Bright (holiday collection)Milan (fall collection), and Hidden Prism (summer collection), while the Neo-Pearl was a limited-edition collection. Some of the new collections from Orly in 2020 included Metropolis, Desert Muse, Retrowaveand Feel The Beat.  However, some brands were conservative; Gelish, for example, introduced only one collection in 2020 compared to the norm of four seasonal collections in a year. 

OPI Gel Color

The latest edition of our Professional Nail Care Global report will help you assess opportunities and understand challenges coming from pandemic-related restrictions and changes in the marketThe report covers care products, gels, long-wear nail polishes, nail enhancements, and traditional nail polishes across four markets – Brazil, France, Italy, China, and Japan – while offering a deep-dive analysis into Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 

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