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Multi-Site Skin Care and Wellness Destinations: U.S. Assessment

As the pandemic waned, a robust hunger for an expanded menu of wellness treatments emerged. While traditional venues for aesthetic treatments such as dermatologists have remained extremely busy, consumers have more options than ever to consider for their beauty and wellness fix. Numerous multi-chain spas and medspas continue to expand and have become havens for wellness, aesthetic, and spa treatments. This report will focus on key trends, developments, and business opportunities for professional skin care brands looking to expand their distribution.

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Skin Care 360 USA

Skin Care 360˚: U.S. Market Brief

This first-edition report provides a 360˚ view of the dynamic skin care market across all channels of distribution, product categories, and key sub-markets, including natural and clean skin care and professional skin care. The analysis of the market also highlights the leading players, emerging brands, and future of skin care beyond 2022.

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Salon Hair Care

Salon Hair Care Global Series: Mid-Year 2023 Update

A top-line mid-year update of data and insights  included in our annual Salon Hair Care study. A comprehensive analysis of the key global professional hair care markets.  This report focuses on market of professional hair care products, its size and growth, category, channel and company/brand performance.

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Professional Skin Care

Professional Skin Care Global Series: Market Analysis and Opportunities

A comprehensive series on the professional skin care market, these reports focus on market size and growth, new product launches, key changes in the competitive landscape, and future market value and consumer demand using Kline’s enhanced predictive analytics tool. These reports examine country-level demand for consumable topical skin care products sold through and used in professional channels.

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