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Barbershops: U.S. and Western Europe Market Brief


Regional Coverage: Europe and North America

Base Year: 2016
Published: July 2017
Forecasts to 2021

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Base Year: 2021
To Be Published: 3rd Quarter 2022
Forecasts: 2026

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Barbershops are an integral part of the professional hair care industry, and their number has been continuously increasing over the last few years. Large international salon hair care brands continue to cater to this segment with launches and expansion of their lines of products for men, whereas smaller brands targeting barbershops also develop. In this second edition of Barbershops through an extensive survey with barbers and research based on marketer interviews, Kline updates the information on this dynamic market.


This report combines a quantitative survey among barbershops and opinions from unstructured interviews with industry experts across Europe and North America. The report, on one hand, presents the market size in terms of number of barbershops as well as their revenues and shows growth of this segment. On the other hand, it offers a detailed analysis of barbershops’ business – including where they purchase products, which brands they work with, their motivations, services they provide, etc.


  • Number of barbershops
  • Their monthly revenues
  • Their clients’ profile
  • Services they provide
  • Product retailing and spending on salon hair care products


  • Their product purchase channels
  • Brands they use
  • Impact of pandemic on their work
  • Market development through 2026

Results from this study should enable companies to better target
this growing segment based on their profile and needs


  • Quantitative Study
  • Sample size (per country): N=200
  • Method: 20-minute telephone interviews
  • Fieldwork: March/April 2022
  • Unstructured interviews with industry experts from manufacturers, distributors, associations, media, or salons
Table 1. MARKETS *
Europe North America
France United States
United Kingdom

* Subject to charter subscriber input

Information Gathered From Quantitative Survey 

  • Socio-demographics
    • — Gender, Age
    • — Length of career as a barber
    • — Monthly revenue
  • About their customers
    • — Age groups
    • — New clients vs comebacks
  • Services they provide
    • — Which services they provide
    • — How their revenue is split by type of service
    • — An average price that their customers pay for key services
  • Products and bands they use and sell
    • — What hair care products they use or sell to customers
    • — Spending on products
    • — Brands used
    • — Reasons for selecting brands they use


  • Purchase channels
    • — Where they purchase products
    • — Share of each purchase channel on their total expenditure
    • — Number of channels they source products from
    • — How much they buy online and traditionally
  • Product sales
    • — Do they retail products to their clients
    • — What do they sell
    • — What percentage of their revenue is product retail
    • — What prevents them from retailing (more), and what would encourage them to sell more products

Information Gathered From Unstructured Industry Interviews 

  • Number of barbershops
  • Change in number of barbershops in 2021
  • Outlook
  • Additional insights helping to understand the market and survey results

Report Benefits

This program provides subscribers with an understanding of the size and development of the Barbershops market, as well as a close look at their purchase decisions, motivations, and businesses. Results from this study will enable companies to better target this group in order to best meet their needs and fill in the gaps in terms of products, education, and other aspects of their activities.


  • Report combining findings from survey and unstructured interviews
  • Survey results tabulations
  • Incorporating expertise from Kline Salon Hair Care annual study

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