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KlinePULSE Beauty: U.S. Full Access Subscription

Publication: Monthly
Regional Coverage: United States

Program Highlights

  • Premium beauty and personal care market intelligence
  • Backed by rigorous primary and secondary research
  • Unlimited in-depth coverage of 19 key beauty categories
  • Full access to all channel and retailer reports
  • Hot-topic briefs
  • Exclusive subscriber benefits
  • Fresh content published every month
  • Access to full library of reports at discounted prices


Market Reports

  • These reports look at the big picture, delivering key insights, growth drivers, market dynamics, product trends, and where the industry is headed

Category Reports

  • Each of the 19 category reports contain:
    Category size and growth
    Trends and product launches
    Sales and market share for leading brands
    Snapshots of up-and-coming market movers
    Marketing activity through traditional media and social platforms

Channel Reports

  • The six channel reports take a close look at each channel’s performance, covering:
    Trends and developments
    New store formats
    Sales and door count growth
    Sales and growth by sub-channel
    What’s next?

Hot-Topic Reports

  • Each year, we take a deep dive into important topics impacting the industry such as clean beauty and CBD.

Exclusive Subscriber Benefits

  • Our seasoned team of industry experts is at your disposal to deliver a customized presentation, help you dive deeper into our content, and prep for the coming year. One day of dedicated service time is included per year.

2021 Publication Schedule

State of the U.S. Beauty Industry Video Presentation​ ​Natural and Clean Beauty​ Ask an Expert*​
Market Review​
​Eye Makeup​
Face Makeup​

Intimate Beauty Care
Facial Skin Care​
Hand and Body Lotions​
Lip Treatments​
Nail Polishes
Women’s Fragrances​
Ask an Expert*​
Baby Care​​​
Direct Sales​​​
​Men’s Fragrances​
Men’s Skin Care
Sun Care​
Hair Coloring​
Hair Styling​
Shampoos and Conditioners​​

Specialty Stores​​​​
Department Stores​
Multicultural Hair Care
Retailer Profiles​​
Professional Beauty Spotlight
Deodorants and Antiperspirants
Drug Stores
Executive Presentation*​
Mass Merchandisers
Personal Cleansers
Retail Review​
Food Outlets
Subscription Review*​
Shaving Products​
Beauty Nutrition
Holiday Retail Roundup​
Market Report
Category Report
Channel Report
Hot Topic Report
Exclusive Subscriber Benefit
*Flexible timing based on subscriber needs



  • Fragrances
    • Men’s fragrances
    • Women’s fragrances
  • Hair Care
    • Multicultural
    • Hair coloring
    • Hair styling
    • Shampoos and conditioners
  • Makeup
    • Eye makeup
    • Face makeup
    • Lipsticks and lip glosses
  • Skin Care
    • Baby care
    • Facial skin care
    • Hand and body lotions
    • Lip balms and treatments
    • Men’s skin care
    • Sun care
  • Toiletries
    • Deodorants and antiperspirants
    • Personal cleansing
    • Shaving


  • Department stores
    • Low-end
    • Specialty
    • Traditional
  • Direct sales
    • E-commerce/mobile commerce
    • Home shopping networks
    • Infomercials
    • Social selling
  • Drug outlets
    • Chain and independent drug stores
  • Food outlets
    • Health/natural food stores
    • Supermarkets
  • Mass merchandisers
    • Big-box retailers
    • Dollar stores
    • Warehouse clubs
  • Specialty stores
    • Apparel
    • Beauty supply
    • Cosmetic specialty
    • Vertically integrated


Our new, easy-to-use online report delivery system lets you access our incisive research in a flexible and time-saving manner.

Time-saving functionalities of KlinePULSE

  • Full portfolio search ability : Powerful, AI-based search functionality that makes it quick and easy to find your content
  • Multiple filters : Deep filtering options by industry, type, content, and publication
  • Easy access to reports : View reports and attachments in-app or download them
  • Personalized feed : Like, follow, bookmark, share, and flag for review

Subscription Benefits

Subscribers receive a continuous flow of our premium market intelligence content.

  • Validate internal data
  • Stay abreast of market developments and trends
  • Assess the market and competition
  • Identify opportunities and threats
  • Assist in new product development
  • Evaluate channel diversification opportunities
  • Strategic planning
  • Access to industry experts

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