Cosmetics & Toiletries USA

Cosmetics & Toiletries USA


Regional Coverage: United States

Data Released 1st Quarter 2018
Published June 2018
Base Year: 2017

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Data to Be Released 1st Qtr 2019
Report to Be Published 2nd Qtr 2019
Base Year: 2018

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Kline’s comprehensive analysis of the dynamically evolving U.S. beauty and personal care market, encompassing five product classes and 20 product categories. This report will provide a close look at the key drivers, trends, and relevant product launches, assessment of the changing competitive playing field due to mergers and acquisitions, focus on the up-and-coming independent brands, changes in retail landscape and distribution channels by product category, and forward-looking analysis through 2023.

This Report Will Answer Questions Such as:

  • What changes have taken place in the beauty and personal care market in the past year, and what do these changes mean for the marketers?
  • Are there any shifts in consumer preferences, and how are marketers responding to these?
  • What new brands and trends are evident in the market?
  • How are the powerful newcomers disrupting their respective categories?
  • How is the beauty retailing landscape in each of the categories evolving, and who are the key retailers?
  • How are marketers strategizing to gain and retain market share, and what marketing activities do they implement to increase their presence?
  • Which categories will outperform the market in the next several years and why?

*Top Ten Trends and Highlights in Beauty 2018.

Report Contents


Executive Summary
This chapter provides an assessment of the overall market performance, highlights from the five product classes examined in terms of performance, growth drivers, competition, distribution channels and opportunities, and outlook for the product classes. This chapter also provides commentary on the key mergers and acquisitions and the impact on the market at large.

Pertinent information and insightful analysis of 20 important product categories, including trends and product launches, manufacturers’ 2018 sales, sales and market shares for the leading brands including independent market-movers, sales by retail outlet, marketing activity through traditional platforms and social media, and an outlook to 2023. The product categories covered are shown in Table 1.

Major Companies
Profiles for the 10 leading beauty marketers including company activities, performance by product category and brand, key new launches, recent developments including mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures, new product launches, marketing activity by channel, and an outlook to 2023. The major companies covered are shown in Table 2.

* Subject to charter subscriber input


Table 1 Product Categories Covered
Fragrances Skin Care Products
Fragrances for men Baby care products
Fragrances for women Facial skin care
Hair Care Products Lip treatments
Conditioners Hand and body lotions
Multicultural hair care products Skin care products for men
Hair coloring products Sun care products
Hair styling products and sprays Other Toiletries
Shampoos Deodorants and antiperspirants
Makeup Personal cleansing products
Eye makeup Shaving products
Face makeup
Lipsticks and lip glosses
Nail polishes


Table 2: Leading Companies to be Covered
Coty L'Oreal
Estée Lauder Mary Kay
Guthy-Renker Procter & Gamble
Johnson & Johnson Revlon
L Brands Unilever
NOTE: To be determined based on subscriber input.

Scope & Benefits

Cosmetics & Toiletries USA covers all cosmetic, toiletry, and fragrance products sold through all domestic consumer outlets in the United States, including those marketed via direct sales from companies such as Rodan + Fields, in addition to non-traditional outlets, such as the Internet and television home shopping. Our report consists of:

  • Two key deliverables: an interactive online database and a comprehensive written report
  • Product class summaries and insightful analysis of the covered product categories (see Table 1)
  • Manufacturers’, unit, and retail sales
  • Professional use (back-bar) products are excluded from our analysis
  • Analysis of sales by distribution channel for each product category, including traditional and alternate channels. Distribution channels include department stores, direct sales (person-to-person, the Internet, and television shopping), drug stores, food stores, mass merchandisers, professional outlets (salons, spas, and doctor offices), and specialty stores


Kline & Company has been serving the personal care products industry for over 50 years. Cosmetics & Toiletries USA is a detailed assessment of the beauty and personal care products industry and the players who compete in this market.

  • Assess category and product trends
  • Identify acquisition and alliance partners
  • Develop market-entry strategies
  • Develop competitive strategies for increased market share
  • Understand industry dynamics, including the role of independent brands
  • Understand channels of distribution and shifts that are occurring

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