Contract Manufacturers in Personal Care: Interactive Directory and Analysis

Base Year: 2018
Published Q1 2018
Regional Coverage: China, Europe, Southeast Asia, United States

Contract manufacturers have recently gained importance in the personal care business. The industry has experienced strong growth in recent years due to an influx of new brands and formulations, changing shopping patterns, and the rise of social media. Due to the changing dynamic of the personal care industry, including the success of private labels, contract manufacturers have benefited as they allow their customers to produce locally in countries where they do not own capacities. Recently, their importance in the supply chain has increased due to the success of many indie brands. Numerous start-ups were built on their expertise of brand marketing, and they had to rely on contract manufacturers for the formulation developments. This triggered an important move in the personal care value chain that eventually displaced the choice of ingredients from personal care marketers to contract manufacturers. Contract Manufacturers in Personal Care: Interactive Directory and Analysis is a comprehensive analysis of the contract manufacturing landscape in personal care applications in key regions. This will identify all contract manufacturers and their production capabilities in a given region, but most importantly identify those developing formulations and therefore being decision-makers when it comes to the choice of an ingredient in a formulation.

This Tool Will Help Subscribers to Answer Questions Such as:

  • Who are the personal care contract manufacturers in each region?
  • What are their capabilities in terms of product format?
  • Do they develop formulations?
  • Are they a potential customer for my ingredients?
  • How is the development of this activity going to affect the value chain?

Report Contents

Contract Manufacturers in Personal Care: Interactive Directory and Analysis will include two key deliverables:

  • A fully interactive map tool
  • A report analyzing the changes in the value chain and their impact on ingredient suppliers

The map tool will provide the following information:

  • Contract manufacturer name and location
  • Product form capabilities
  • Ability to develop formulation
  • Key personnel in formulation developments

Additionally, a qualitative assessment of market developments in contract manufacturing in key regions will be provided.

* Subject to charter subscriber input.


Key Benefits

Contract Manufacturers in Personal Care: Interactive Directory and Analysis will be easy to use and can be accessed online by anyone in your organization from any enterprise location where information about contract manufacturers is needed. It is a practical tool designed for marketing, business development, and sales personnel to help them:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the service providers in this space
  • Identify potential new customers for ingredient suppliers
  • Identify formulation development and manufacturing partners for cosmetic products marketers
  • Shape the right marketing and distribution strategies for this new customer group

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