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Dermatologist Detailing:
U.S. Opportunity Assessment

To Be Published 2nd Quarter 2020
Regional Coverage: United States

Dermatologists are among the most trusted sources of information when it comes to helping consumers with product selection for their skin care concerns. Often, these professionals play an important role in advising and recommending products for patients to use on their face or body. One of the first ways a consumer may be introduced to a brand is through a sample received from his or her dermatologist. With so many choices available for the care of skin, the practice of detailing to physicians is regarded as an important tool for marketers and sales professionals in this competitive field. Dovetailing on our well-known reporting on professional skin care products and the physician-dispensed segment, this new report focuses on the partnership between therapeutic and dermatologist-tested brands and dermatologists.

This Report Will Help Subscribers to:

  • Understand what motivates a dermatologist to endorse a brand
  • Find out the most effective detailing techniques
  • Realize unmet needs among doctors and patients
  • Identify the brands and product types doctors prefer to recommend
  • Pinpoint the type of product literature doctors prefer to pass on to patients

Report Contents

This presentation-style report will be organized as follows:

Our survey will be conducted with approximately 100 dermatologists in the United States who are engaged in skin care detailing programs for over the counter brands. All physicians must be involved in detailing programs for at least one year to
qualify for our study.

Key Findings at a Glance
This report section focuses on what doctors value most when it comes to the brands they

The Business of Skin Care
In this report section, physicians give their opinion on the market for over-the-counter therapeutic skin care and dermatologist-recommended brands (see Table 1). This report section also examines the types of products (see Table 2) that are most often detailed to physicians.

What Matters Most?
How important are different elements such as coupons, education materials, and samples in the dermatologist’s decision to endorse or recommend a brand? And how do these brands meet the needs of today’s consumer?

Top Performers
This section is an overview of the brands that are cited as having the best detailing programs and the elements that contribute to the program’s performance.

This section will provide subscribers with an understanding of unmet needs and future considerations.

* Subject to charter subscriber input

dermatologist detailing table 1

Dermatologist Products

Scope & Benefits

Dermatologist Detailing: U.S. Opportunity Assessment will provide brand marketers, along with training and education and sales professionals, with an objective view of how dermatologists perceive skin care detailing efforts in the market today and how well these brands are meeting their needs Our research will show what is important to these doctors as it relates to the skin care products—and education—they either recommend to their patients or give samples to take home and try.

This report will show subscribers where they can enhance their own detailing programs or
initiate impactful ones. Survey results will also:

  • Allow both marketers and sales teams to see which elements, such as coupons, pamphlets, and samples, are of the greatest use to the doctors.
  • Empower sales teams to evaluate their own detailing programs based on the best practices cited in the survey.
  • Allow subscribers to identify missing opportunities for their own detailing efforts.

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