Floor Care Pads and Tools: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities

Floor Care Pads and Tools: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities

Base Year: 2018
To Be Published 2nd Quarter 2019
Forecasts to 2023
Regional Coverage: United States

A comprehensive analysis of the market for floor care pads, mop pads, cleaning carts, and other tools used in industrial and institutional settings, including end users’ usage patterns, market trends, and sales and market share of the leading suppliers. This report is designed to be used as a companion report to Kline’s Janitorial and Housekeeping Cleaning Products study where floor care cleaning chemicals are profiled.

This Report is Designed to:

  • Provide comprehensive analysis of the floor care pads and tools market including sales, growth, and market shares of leading suppliers.
  • Help subscribers learn about flooring and floor machinery trends and their impacts on floor care pads and tools.
  • Deliver key insights from end users including usage patterns, critical buying factors, and channels of distribution trends.
  • Forecast sales and market share expectations for floor care pads and tools in the future.

Report Contents


  • Scope
  • Geographic regions
  • Sources and methods
  • Assumptions and remarks

Executive Summary

  • An overview of key findings
  • Market size and segmentation
  • Analysis and consumption by: − Product class and category (see Table 1) − End-use segment (see Table 2)
  • Trends and opportunities
  • Impact of flooring and machinery trends on pads and tools sales
  • Competitive landscape
  • Usage patterns
  • Critical buying factors
  • Outlook and appraisal

Product Category Profiles
Pertinent information and insightful analysis of each of the categories shown in Table 1, including the following information:

  • Market trends and usage frequency
  • Size of the market in 2017 and 2018
  • Sales by end-use segment (see Table 2)
  • Sales by leading suppliers (see Table 3)
  • Outlook and assessment

Company Profiles
Profiles of approximately 15 leading manufacturers will be provided, including the following information:

  • Overview of business
  • Corporate sales (if public)
  • Floor pads and tools offered
  • Sales of floor pads and tools in 2016 and 2017
  • Share of the market in 2016 and 2017
  • Merger/acquisition activity of note
  • How products are sold to end users
  • Forecast of future sales through 2023

* Subject to charter subscriber input

Floor Care Pads and Tools

Floor Care Pads and Tools

Floor Care Pads and Tools

Scope & Benefits

Floor Care Pads and Tools: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities will represent the first edition of this report for Kline & Company, but it is related to floor care chemicals, which the company has profiled for over 30 years. With this study, we aim to understand the relative use of disposable and re-useable floor pads and mop pads, how large the professional floor pads and tools market is, how fast the market is growing, product usage trends and frequency, sales and growth of major suppliers, and a five-year forecast for this market. The report will cover the U.S. market for industrial and institutional floor care pads and tools and will provide end-user level sales data for products and companies in 2017 and 2018. Floor care cleaning chemicals and machinery will not be included in this report.

This study will provide subscribers with accurate and current information and insights about the I&I floor pads and tools market, profiles of major companies, and extensive research with commercial end users to understand the size of the market, key usage trends, and how machinery usage impacts sales of floor care chemicals. Specifically, this report is designed to provide subscribers with a comprehensive assessment of the following:

  • An understanding of the size of such floor pads, mop pads, and tools and leading companies
  • An assessment of the relative size of suppliers and their market shares and how that is changing over time
  • Gain insights on key trends, maintenance methods, and usage patterns and how they differ by end-use segment
  • Understand trends pertaining to flooring and floor care machinery and what impacts those trends have on the pads and tools markets
  • Understand end users’ preferences for channels of distribution and critical buying factors
  • Forecast sales and share expectations for these products in the future

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